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Discover The 6 Proven Ways To Investigate Titles On Any Land Before You Buy.

When it comes to buying lands, lots of people are scared and are victim of having to buy lands and properties at location where they end up regretting or ultimately losing their hard earned investment to scammers who pose as legitimate owners

Which is why you need to learn about these various hot pointers which helps you most especially in investigating titles on any land that you want to purchase.

Because that very land that you are about to go for could simply be a fake making you lose your hard earned money.

So here it goes…

Search At The Land Registry

In every state, the land registry is the first and most important place where you can easily conduct your search over property before getting involved. Example of such is simply the Surveyor General Office Alausa, Lagos.

What this usually reveals are the important information that lets you know the situation of the location that you are looking to buy or purchase.

They include

  • The nature of the grant and the grant holder in nature of the property
  • Description of the property
  • The details of the registered transfer, sale, leases etc
  • Any previous or existing encumbrances on property such as mortgages, pledge
  • Any government acquisition
  • Any court judgment on the property you are interested in.

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Search at the Probate Registry

This is simply to reveal whether or not probate has been granted and those that are simply involved in this case. This is so as to know if there is no WILL in place to the property that you are about to acquire.

Search At Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC]

In a situation where the past owners of the property is company incorporated under companies and allied matters Act. This will help to reveal the trustees or if the company is registered and also get to know if the its has the capacity to carry out the transaction.

Search At Court

To get to know if a land has been subject to court litigation which is a big problem some buyers usually find themselves in, you need to do a court search which is conducted to find out if there is any of such in place or rather if there is also an appeal filed against the judgement.

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Inquiry On Communal And Family land

This is simply conducted on the principal members of the family land or community and head of the community to ensure that the land is not subject to any of such and also affirming that all the important consent of the land is obtained and verify if the title in question was neither void or voidable.

Physical Inspection

Its of utmost important that you check the land for yourself to see what it is that you are getting involved with.

Should in case you cannot simply as a result of staying outside the country or in a position of not been chanced, then you need to get someone trusted that would help check out the location and give you a feedback on how good the place it.

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Now that you have learnt about this 6 hot proven ways, I expect that you can make better judgement as regards any offer presented to you.

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Those who has partook of this has always found a reason to always recommend our judgement to others so as not to lose their hard earned money.

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