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We treated more patients in 2016, received less funds from FG

Dr. Richard Adebayo, MD, Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos

By Sola Ogundipe

Compared to 2015, the release of funds in 2016 to the Federal Neuro-Psychiatrist Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, reduced by 48 per cent for capital projects and 16 per cent for staff  emoluments respectively, even as the health institution witnessed a 111 per cent increase in overall patient attendance and 59 per cent increase in number of new patients within the first 11 months of the outgoing year.

A breakdown of statistics from the hospital shows that from January –November 2016, patient attendance totaled 53, 287 compared to 25,267 for the same period in 2015. Over the period, the number of male patients increased by 82 per cent from 11,537 to 21,026, while female patients increased 135 per cent from 13,730 to 32,261.

During the period in question, the number of new patients in the hospital increased from 2,531 to 4,031. Of the new patients, 2,001 were male representing 53 per cent increase over the 1,306 recorded last year, while 2,030 were female, a 66 per cent increase over the previous year.

In absolute figures, according to the data, there was an overall 46 per cent increase in number of admissions in 2016 (867) compared to 594 in 2015, while the community clinic attendance went up from 1,793 to 3,510, a 95 per cent increase.

Meanwhile, the number of follow up patients increased 74 percent from 19,889 (9,076 male and 10,813 female) to 34,536 (11,608 male and 22,928 female). Disclosing these facts during a presentation of the institution’s 2016 annual report, the hospital’s Acting Medical Director, Dr. Richard Adebayo, said the reduction in release of money was making the hospital unable to meet its obligations to staff and completion of outstanding projects.

Giving a rundown of the performance of the 2016 budget of the health institution, Adebayo said the sum of N94,576,589.00 was appropriated for capital works out of which the sum of N39 million had been released as at 20th December 2016, representing 48 per cent of the 2015 release.

According to Adebayo: “Out of the sum of N2,640,395.646.00 appropriated for personnel emoluments,N2,346,374,824.65  has been released, representing 16 per cent reduction from that of 2015.

“As at 20th December 2016, the sum of N29,839, 732.31 has been released from the sum of N40,047,626,00 appropriated for overhead expenses. The amount is a 77 per cent reduction from that of 2015.”

Further, Adebayo noted that out of N54,250,000.00 appropriated to the Federal School of Occupational Therapy in the 2016 budget for capital projects, N22,722,241.00 had been released, representing a 16 per cent reduction over the 2015 release.

“Out of the sum of N186,798,330 appropriated for personnel, the sum of N152,551,969.50 has been released as at 30th September 2016, a 10 per cent reduction over last year’s release. As at 31st October 2016, the sum of N4,652,432.96 was released from the sum of N7,465,759.00 appropriated for overhead expenses. The amount is 81 per cent reduction over that of 2015.”

Appealing for additional funding to enable the hospital carry out its services and special projects particularly in the area of Community Mental Health Education and other major clinical activities, Adebayo, remarked that it had become increasingly difficult to send members of staff on training courses because of inadequacy of fund. “We expect that in 2017, there will be increase in allocation of funds to the hospital by the federal government. This will assist the management in attending to such issues as continuous rehabililitation of wards and offices, construction of modern wards to replace the old ones, provision of infrastructure, research as well as training and development of manpower.”

Expressing optimism that the govenment would release funds for payment of outstanding promotion and monetisation arrears in 2017, he said in view of the dwindling release of funds , efforts are on to re-engineer and drive the internally generated revenue of the hospital towards sustainability and profitability.


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