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Tears flow freely as Corona students fete orphans

By Dayo Adesulu

IN a bid to teach  privileged students some salient lessons and to also extend hands of fellowship to the less privileged, Corona Secondary School Red Cross, Agbara recently visited Favid Family Vocational Institute for Disable, situated at Ijoko, Ogun State.

The students who went in company of some teachers, stormed the motherless baby home with some relief materials and words of encouragement for the orphans, saying that Corona had few years ago adopted the orphanage home.

On getting to the home, the pitiable conditions of the children literally prompted tears to flow freely from the eyes of some students, teachers and a journalist, as many of them were lying helplessly.

Helping the  less privileged

Some of the orphans who were between the ages of 14 and 18 look like  6 year old children. Their situations became worsened as none of the orphans could talk, except one of them on a wheel chair who took other orphans as her younger ones. Each time they cry as a result of pains or hunger, she comforts them.

Mr. Musa Rasheed, Head of Medical unit and one of the Red Cross Coordinators who led the Corona Secondary School Red Cross to the venue said: “Corona Secondary School has adopted Favid Family Vocational Institute for Disable. More so, we also want our students to see children who are less privilege in order to have the feelings of suffering people. So that when they are growing up, they will see the  need to help the  less privileged. Besides, it is to tell them that life is not about putting two billion into your personal account when others out there are suffering and looking for help.’’

He added, “Some of the disables, ordinary surgery could have solved their initial problems while growing up. But because of lack of care, many of them ended up being disabled. Also, some of them may be suffering from nutritional problem from birth, but lacked adequate attention.”

Reacting to the scenario, Idanesi Kadiri SS3 said: “We should be grateful to God for everything we have. These less privileged children did not beg to be in this condition, they just found themselves in such condition and were forced to accept it.”

For Judith Amakim 16, SS3 said: “We that are privileged should be grateful to God. For these children, I know that God has plans for them that was why someone picked them up and brought them here.”

On her part Samamtha Bala 15, SS3 said: “It was the fault of the handicap that they are in this situation.”

Anu Mosuro, a student of Corona said that she was grateful to God and thankful to her parents because those less privileged never made their choices of parents. “I am here to see their situation so as to be able to provide for them in the future. I will like to build an orphanage home in future so as to give them opportunities to be better people.”

Ejiro Greg SS3 said: “Life is not a bed of roses because everything is not easy. I am happy to have a good parents and a good education. I learnt here that we should be thankful to God for everything he has given to us.”

For Temidire Omolotu, he said: “ I feel we should thank God for our lives and try to help these less privileged in these situations they are.”

Anwuli Okonji JS2 said: “Just as these people are taking care of these children, in future, we should help them too.”

Omene Chiemelie Nwosu 14,   SS1 said: “We should not forsake what we have at the moment. These children have made me realize that what I have and what I can experience give me opportunity in life. These children are suffering from various diseases and it’s touching to see that I have some times forsaken what I have been given, but now, I appreciate what God has given me.”



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