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Priest advises Nigerians to always speak well of country

Minna – A Roman Catholic priest, Rev Fr Pontianus Jaffla of St. Michael Catholic Church, Minna has ‎admonished Nigerians to always speak well of the country in spite of the economic recession.

Jaffla said that Nigerians, especially Christians, should have a positive attitude toward the country’s current travails by being patriotic and praying to God for redemption.

The priest, who made the call in his Sunday sermon, urged Christians to be positive in their thinking and judgment of other peoples by first acknowledging their goodness rather than dwelling on their weaknesses.

Jaffla alluded to the story of ‎Joseph in the Bible, who discovered Mary already pregnant when he was yet to marry her.

“Joseph, being prayerful, heard from God concerning Mary his betrothed.

“If Joseph had been angry over Mary’s conception, he would not have been able to hear from God that a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel.‎

“We should learn to have good attitude toward things so that God can unravel mysteries to us through dreams and visions,” he said,

He explained that if Joseph had a bad orientation, he would have amplified the condition of Mary being with child before their marriage.

Taking his reading from Isaiah 7:10-14, the priest ‎said‎ that a positive attitude enabled Joseph to understand the spiritual things of God concerning Mary’s situation.‎

He, therefore, urged Nigerians to use Bible examples to manage the present day situation in the country.

Jaffla further advised Nigerians not to write off the country because of the current economic situation in the country, but to believe in it by speaking and thinking positively of the country.


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