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Ibori made Ministers, Governors, Speaker, others even while in UK prison – Nwaoboshi

Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District, Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi, has said that the former Delta state’s Governor, Chief James Ibori who has recently been released from a UK prison over money laundering made governors, ministers and House Speaker even while sitting in his cell, in a UK prison.

Nwaoboshi who said he travelled to London after Ibori’s release to felicitate with him on his release from prison also said that Ibori sat right there in his cell in UK prison and made his daughter a member of the House of representatives.

James Ibori

“My names are Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi. I left Nigeria yesterday because of my boss.”

“James Ibori is my brother, he’s my boss and somebody am very well…loved.”

As the people around laughed and hail, he continued, “Let me make one point. All of you who are here today, you have come because of James ibori.”

“There are many people who have been made governors and as soon as they paid their governorship fees, nobody remembers them.”

“There are many people who have been governors and some people who served under them don’t even remember them again. There are many people, by the grace of the Almighty God, who have had the opportunity…suffered this problems and people will not even come when they have these problems.”

“But James is a good man.” There erupted cheers and clapping from the people around. Continuing, Senator Nwaoboshi said, “The man that made everybody and nobody made him.”

Ibori laughs as another person retort, “That’s a good one…”

Nwaoboshi continues his eulogy saying, “ There are many people who have been Governors, who have never even been opportune to make their successors, but James Ibori made his successors.”

“And there may never be a governor in history again who will sit in his cell or in prison and make a governor.” A thunderous applause and cheering from the background.

“There may never be in history again of a governor who will sit in prison and make senator”, Nwaoboshi continued.

“I said there may never be in the history of Nigeria again of a governor who will sit in cell and support a Senate President.” Another person echoed, “And make a Speaker!”

Nwaoboshi continued saying, “And there may never be another governor who will sit in the prison and make a Speaker of the House. And there may never be a governor in this country who will sit in cell or in the prison and make his daughter a member of the House of Assembly.”

“There may never be any Nigerian man who can pass through the tribulations you have passed through today and come out, and everybody will be flying…when I was flying, a security agent told me I know you are going because of James Ibori, I said, I am going because of James Ibori and there is nothing you can do to me because I have the authority to travel. If you want crisis we create it in the airport.”

“Then I know those he has served a lot of things but who have forgotten him today.”

Ibori interjected, “Am the father of all.”


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