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How I finally raised money to go back home after 10yrs in Lagos

Quickteller Paypoint agent, Bright has narrated how he benefited immensely from the paypoint portal, saying, he has been able to explore opportunities through Quickteller PayPoint.

He said: “For years, I had basked in the euphoria of living in Lagos; I always imagined settling down in the heart of the city. I had been speaking with my uncle about this and he assured me that once I was done with school, I could move in with him.

“My new life started in Lagos and I knew almost nothing about the hustle and bustle of the city. I would sit in my uncle’s store and observe daily transactions. Days, weeks, months, years passed and I was getting used to the life in Lagos. I understood quickly how the business was run and I would usually take full control whenever my uncle was unavailable.

“The only challenge was for me to get my own source of income having stayed with my uncle for over six years. I signed up to be a Quickteller Paypoint agent and used a corner in my uncle’s store as my office. From time to time, customers come in to make all sorts of bank transactions and bill payments and I could see the joy on their faces. The joy of saving the transportation cost and time always brought them back.

“Six months into being a Quickteller Paypoint agent, I have started making extra money and the experience has been fantastic. Living in Lagos has been challenging but in the end I have been able to explore opportunities through Quickteller PayPoint.

“It is December now and I am planning to visit the village after 10 years in Lagos. I think it’s the right time as I have been empowered by Quickteller Paypoint.”


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