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Group fumes over A-Court Judgement on Kogi East senatorial seat

… Says this is not time to distract senator Isaac Alfa.

The Appeal Court judgment, which reinstated, Senator Attai Aidoko  last week Thursday has continued to elicit condemnations from the people of Kogi East KEAG which described the judgment by the Appeal Court, as strange and unusual.

A Kogi East Group urged the Supreme Court to ensure that a decision that will be consistent with the aspirations and desires of the people of the state, as democratically expressed in the PDP  primary  election that produced Senator Isaac Alfa  will be the final outcome and called on the people to avoid anything that will disrupt the peace of the state.

“Without prejudice to the Appeal court judgment, we wish to state that the speculation going round Kogi East Senatorial district that Senator Attai Ali aidoko has been returned elected as the representative of the people of Kogi East at the senate is false and malicious, as the Appeal Court don’t have a final pronouncement on pre-election matter .

“The Igala nation cannot continue to wallow in this politics of destruction where a group of elites will gather together to opppose everything that is good for the people of Igalaland. The region has suffered so much neglect despite the facts that we have several opportunities to develop the region, but we have been suffering so much neglect because of the attitude of some of our leader. Now we are saying enough is enough

“The whole Kogi East Senatorial Zone is pained by the charade occurred at the Court of Appeal on 14th December.

“This is rape of Justice. Our investigation showed some highly placed Igala leaders are complicit in this disgraceful judgment. Whoever they are, they have disgraced the ethics of their profession. They should be ashamed of themselves. Enough is enough, and those Igala elites must stop disgracing the region.

Isaac Alfa

“Senator Attai Aidoko should be told the naked truth. He must be told that the seat of Kogi East doesn’t belong to him. He has spent twelve years both in lower and upper chambers of the National Assembly. It was under his watch that Ibaji oil wells were ceded to Anambra State. As a Senator he cannot point at one single thing as achievement that we can call his Constituency project. He is only after his personal interest which is not good for the region in dire need of development.

“The Kogi East Agenda has nothing to do with any political party or personality, but our agenda is simple and clear. It is to ensure good governance and encourage individuals that are outstanding and doing their best to facilitate the needed development of Igala/Bassa nation.

“ The oil well that was taken from us is being given a serious attention through quality and pragmatic leadership style of Senator Alfa who sponsored a resolution through his office to ensure that Kogi state is declared an oil producing State.

“ This will improve the fortunes of Kogi State and ensure the State is among other oil producing State enjoying 13 % derivation. Instead of rallying round a man with noble intention, some key leaders from the region are busy engaged in conspiring to bring the man down.

“Senator Alfa who is very new to the red chamber has so far taken some laudable steps, and we are happy that for the first time the Zone has got it right by having opportunity to air our voices through the Senator in that National stage.

“Kogi East has lost the Governorship seat due to the greed of our leaders. We couldn’t come up with one voice to seek late James Ocholi’s replacement because everybody is interested in the position for himself or herself and nobody is ready to let go for the other.

“The region has lost one full year and four months in the Senate. We lost the opportunity to insert a single constituency projects in the 2016 budget. Here we are with 2017 approaching and another crisis has come!

We call on the Supreme Court, being he highest court in the land to ensure that justice is done.

Aidoko’s prayer is simple, that the case reverts back to the lower court (High) for trial by oral witnesses. We wonder how the Appeal Court Justices came to declare Aidoko as the winner even when such relief was not sought for in their Appeal.

“ The idea of a Court granting a relief that wasn’t prayed for is strange but  we are happy the case is a pre-election matter, and there is every possibility that the Supreme Court will throw out the Appellate court judgement and justice will be done.

“We view what happened in the Appeal Court room as miscarriage of justice, as senator Isaac Alfa  remains the PDP candidate that won the primaries held at Idah headquaters of the kogi east senatorial party primary.

“We strongly advise  Senator Attai Aidoko to drop this character of forgery and fraudulent ways. Political leadership is not by force and this is not the first time Aidoko has had his  way with aide of the faulty judicial system. But we can’t fold our hands while our house is on fire.

The prominent regional group also called on Senator Alfa not to be deterred by this mere setback as we are very sure the Apex court will do the needful by upturning the Kangaroo Appeal Court judgement .

The group further admonished the Senator to ensure that kogi East is well represented in the 2017 budget and he should do all within his power to ensure that the Ibaji oil wells are returned to their original owner, Kogi state  .

The group hailed the Senator for giving the Igala /Bassa nation a good representation and assured him of the unflinching support of the Zone to see that he finishes the job that he has started.




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