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Families cry out over lack of money for Christmas celebration

As the Christmas approaches, some families have complained about the adverse nature of the economy, which had made it impossible for them to provide for their families.

They disclosed this on Friday in Lagos that they would strive to work within their “limited budget’’.

Mrs Mary Okoye, a trader, said that she could not afford to buy anything for her three children because of the situation in the country.

“Things have been tough, when you go to the market things are going up every day, so I cannot buy anything wears, I’ll manage to feed them first.

“I am a widow and having three mouths to feed is a very frustrating task but we are getting by, and God will see me through all these.

Okoye added that immediately after the Christmas festivities, she would have to contend with payment of school fees in January.

“So I have to make a choice, my choice is not buying things for them this Christmas”.

“They will use the cloths they have for now. The second hand clothes are costly also, so it’s really tough this year,” she said.

In the same vein, Mr Akin Alabi, a civil servant, told NAN that his priority is to put food on the table instead of buying clothes or some other things for his children.

“Children may not understand this but I have to explain it to them. It is a big issue not being able to buy them what they want and feeding them well.

“You bond with them by buying things for them and they will feel happy, you too will be happy also,” she said.

Mrs Ugochi Mokwe, a working class lady, said that in the past she used to shop with her children but that it was impossible to do so this time around.

“I have to search through their boxes to pick out some good clothes and wash them, iron them for them to put it on that day.

“They have been asking me about their Christmas things and I have explained that we do not have money.

“Funny enough, my four-year-old son told me to go to ATM and get money,” she said.

“I have seen many Christmases, so what do I have to enjoy again. Although, our time was more enjoyable then in the village with masquerades, village age grade dancing and some other things.

“These days, parents give serious consideration to their children’s preferences and opinions.

“We did not have as much of a say in family decisions when we are growing up,” she said.

Mrs Ini Okon, a business woman, said she bought only a shirt and trousers for her kids because of lack of money.

“I could not buy anything for myself. It is not easy; every item in the market has gone up and still going up till tomorrow.

“It is so pathetic how the country is going,” she said.


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