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Why Mr President should rejig cabinet now – Pastor Medo-Uwa

•Says FG must tolerate opposition

General Overseer of Pentecostal Canaanland Mission Inc. Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa, in this interview, speaks on Nigeria at 56, President Muhammadu Buhari’s   government, urging Buhari to look inward and engage  experts that will manage the economy. He also comments on how this year’s ‘Laughter’ programme of the church will bless Nigeria.

The month of October is the annual Laughter programme of this church what are we expecting at this year’s event?

If you understand the theme, ‘Laughter’, it means that a situation was bad before but it later turned to laughter, just like the case of Lazarus which began with sorrow and pains but ended up in laughter. Laughter is not saying that everything is fine but laughter means that from that ugly situation, something better is on the way. Besides, we are confessing positively because of what God has done and what He can do. The bible says, ‘let the weak say, I am strong.’

Many people will argue that since the nation is in agony, it is impossible to have laughter under the current state of our nation?

This is exactly what the nation is waiting for-good news. Laughter is about good news; don’t forget that when the Angel of God prophesied to Sarah that she would conceive and give birth to a son, Sarah laughed, so laughter is about the good news that is coming, so these men of God are coming to release that good news that will help us to come out of the present condition that the country has found itself.

You know there are pains and agonies and many people are confused, they don’t know what to do, businessmen and women are crying, civil servants are crying and almost every sector seems to be crying at the moment, but at a time like this, God will show up. That is why this laughter programme is going to be heaven on earth, no matter the situation that one is facing; there is an answer to such trouble. Every year, there are testimonies of mighty visitation from God during this event. God has been changing the lives of the people through this annual programme. Laughter is akin to the biblical Shiloh where the people of Israel gather annually for God to bless them.

Hopefully you will use the event to pray for a turnaround in our nation?

We are going to raise the flag of Nigeria in this church and will call upon God for his intervention on the affairs of Nigeria, there is no doubt that God will intervene, The Bible says that if my people who are called by my name should humble themselves, seek my face, turn away from their wickedness and pray, I will hear from heaven and heal their land. So the opening ceremony of this programme is dedicated to prayer for Nigeria. We want God to do something for Nigeria. We are going to call upon God and the heavens will do something.

•Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa
•Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa

What is your thought on the current state of the nation, there is apparent disenchantment across Nigeria?

I think that this is the first time in the history of Nigeria that we are having a president that appears to be tribally inclined. Other presidents of this nation might be biased but they did not play it out at the national stage to make it so glaring. Nobody says that the president shouldn’t love his people but we should realize that Nigeria is a nation of different tribes, ethnic groups and religion and for one to succeed in this nation; such a person must carry everybody along.

There are competent men and women in Nigeria who would have been of help to this government but he has not given such people the opportunity to serve in his government. Look at Chief Obasanjo’s administration for instance, he is a Yoruba man but where you came from wasn’t an issue because Obasanjo engaged good and competent hands regardless of where such people were coming from.

Spiritual speaking, I doubt if Nigeria will come out of this bad situation under Buhari, unless he changes his mind set on governance by bringing in experts to work under his administration regardless of where those people are coming from. He should look inward and engage the experts that will manage the economic affairs of this country, otherwise, things will continue to deteriorate; everybody is crying, this is not the Nigeria that I used to know.

Incidentally, there is this conspiracy of silence; people who should talk are keeping silence as if all is well, but I have come to the conclusion that perhaps those who should say something are afraid because they have skeleton in their cupboards or they are afraid of being persecuted. Unfortunately, sycophancy has taken the front burner. And I wonder what is wrong with these praise singers.

In democracy, opposition is very good and for any leader to do well; he must tolerate opposition if you are a leader and nobody criticizes you then you may be going the wrong way. The past administration did well because the opposition was attacking him especially the current Minister of Information and others, they put Jonathan on his toes but nobody is on the neck of this government, no criticism that is why things are getting worse.

Mrs. Aisha Buhari in a recent interview said that President Buhari’s government has been hijacked; do you think this may be the reason for some of these problems that you pointed out against the administration?

I don’t know why some people are criticizing Mrs. Buhari, she is the mother to this nation and she has the right to air her views on the current state of the nation; before she made that statement, she must have been dragging this issues with her husband because she knew that the government in power now is losing the goodwill of Nigerians. It seems that the president is out to please some people around him. Some of those people in this cabinet are not the best hands for the job. They are appointed in order to compensate them for their efforts during the electioneering campaign.

However, Mrs. Buhari is aware that these individuals are no longer helpful to this administration. Most of them are square pegs in round holes but I believe that Buhari can do well if he looks beyond partisan politics in addressing the current problems of the nation. He should look for solution outside the political class.

Are you suggesting cabinet reshuffle?

Cabinet reshuffle is long overdue; Buhari should reshuffle his cabinet as a matter of urgency. He should change his cabinet for utmost performance. If he effects cabinet change tomorrow, I believe that things will improve.








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