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Women have high prospect in beekeeping business – Wambebe

By Gabriel Ewepu

ABUJA– WITH the rising entrepreneurial profile of Nigerian women in various businesses, an apiculturist, Becky Wambebe, has said women have high prospect in beekeeping business.

Wambebe who also has been a Business Development Executive with Honey Plus Global Investment Limited, said women should not just limit themselves to petty trading and some unwholesome ventures, rather should take advantage of the huge potential in beekeeping business.

She said: “I have been into this beekeeping business for some time now, and I have also engaged myself with other aspects of the business. It is highly profitable and money spinning.

“Women should not see it as a dangerous business and for the men folk alone. Women have high prospects even than the men if they can dedicate themselves to the beekeeping business.

“They can also be trained as beekeepers while with those who own bee farms, and later establish their own. There are a lot of opportunities in the area of entrepreneurship for women as well in this industry, but to become an entrepreneur they must first identify the area of interest.

“They can be become apiculturists, by that I mean practising bee farmers and owners of bee farms, also dealers in bee equipment for farms, packaging and supply of honey in cans, bottles, as snacks, producing cosmetics with bee products; like body cream, hair cream, and others.”

According to her with the huge revenue generating potential from bee keeping activities Nigerian women can withstand the present economic challenges.

“With the understanding and involvement in beekeeping women can drive the economy seamlessly because they can also export the products to African countries, Europe and other parts of the world”, she stated.

She also mentioned various products from beekeeping activities which include, honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, venon, and royal jelly.

“It is important to state that there are amazing health benefits from bee products for women. I want them to know about them. They aid in nutrition, boost the immune system, support their immunity, regulate blood sugar level in the body, purifies the blood and body, keep the skin glowing and fresh.

“Product like royal jelly and pollen serves as antibodies in the body, they also aid fertility and cure infertility, controls and regulates sexual stamina.

Like Bee propolis it is ant-fungi, which helps in skin treatment and cure. “Honey is also medicine for the skin and gives women a perfect look and makes them attractive because they don’t age fast”, she said.

On the cost of all the products she said they are affordable and available in supermarkets, and urged women not to get scared of the prices, because it would impact positively in their health and family.

“The products are not expensive as some women may think but are rather affordable and can be bought in shops and outlets, including trade fairs in the country. Women should go for bee products for their health needs and for their diet. It would help them actualise a fulfilled life”, she added.


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