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Sale of national assets: Doomsday conspiracy

IT was a rumour within government circle until the Nigerian-richest-African; Aliko Dangote, made it public, to wit – selling of Nigeria’s national assets as the quickest and surest way of coming out of this economic national disaster called recession. Following the stand of Dangote on the sales of the nation’s vital assets, was the most “famous” 8th Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki. In his “well-articulated”address of welcome to his colleagues of the Upper legislative red Chamber after a long recess, the man considered to be greater than a cat with nine lives posited that all vital national assets be sold off for Nigeria to come out of the present recession.

The matter has since gone viral in the high and low circles in the country and the discussion would not come to stop until the conspiratorial purpose is completely achieved, albeit total sales of Nigeria’s future. I have a self-imposed assignment therefore to prove two things. First is identification of those behind this most dangerous move in wanting to sell the people of Nigeria and their tomorrow while the second is that of knowing the reason they [the sellers and buyers because they are just one] are embarking on this enterprise.

We don’t need to look too far in identifying those who want to sell us, our assets and our future. They are our leaders. They are those elected into office to take us to our “political paradise”. They are those, through the process of manipulation and permutation; which is the real game of politics, beneficiary of last year’s general election. These are both the anticipated sellers and articulated buyers. They are “dealers parading themselves as leaders”.

These dealers pretending to be leaders are of fact made up of two groups of people. First are those who offered themselves to be elected or so selected into offices, starting from the highest to the lowest. They all came [and shall continue to come] as messiahs, with promises of delivering us from “hell to paradise”, but at the end, dumping us more into the “inner-part of hell”. The second group refers to the “power behind the façade”, the godfathers who pay the politicking bills. They are those who really dictate the tune of limits or otherwise to the political office holders because they paid all the bills. This group is the real manipulators and creator of permutation’s regulations in the political horizon.

For reasons given above, it is not difficult therefore in saying without any fear of contradiction that the All Progressive Congress, APC, that overwhelmingly won the General election  last year, and progressively thereafter inaugurated the federal government, is the anticipated sellers and prospective buyers of the nation’s common assets. This is why we ought to understand very quickly that both efforts of flying the kites [commencing from Aliko Dangote; Africa’s richest man and Bukola Saraki; the most controversial Senate President in the annals of Nigeria’s history] and the avalanche of perfidious advocates in selling off our common national assets, are derivable forces from the same source.

Truth is that President Muhammadu Buhari, the APC and its leadership, are together into this business of selling Nigeria off for their parochial and selfish interests. The next question begging for answer would be why? The proceeds from the anticipated sales is needed most urgently by the ruling party, APC, and its leadership to complete recouping their investments in securing victory during the last general election that brought them to power.

Let me explain it this way. Both President Buhari and the APC have “revealed” to the whole world how much the previous government of the People Democratic Party, PDP, looted from the national treasury to enable it contest the 2015 general election. Thanks to APC and its leadership, we would not have known that PDP and its leadership “looted the whole country dry” to have been able to contested the election which it failed to win.

This “revelation” about the massive looting by PDP to enable it contest for election equally holds a veritable fact that every major Political Party in Nigeria that must contest election with the aim of winning and forming government at the National level must come with such volume of fund that can only be looted from the national treasury. Ipso facto, it is safe to accept the fact that the APC, which went into the same general election of 2015, with such massive deployment of logistics, spent as much money on the election as the PDP, if not more. If this is an acceptable fact, it will be safe to conclude that since the APC was not controlling the Federal Government at that time, like its PDP counterpart, it borrowed such huge funds from few of its leaders [who must got such funds from the country  in one way or the other] in addition from funds directly got from some of the Nigerian States’ treasuries controlled by APC governors.

Either way, both parties [PDP and APC] spent so much monies that could only have been stolen except that one; in this case the PDP, looted its money in advance due to the fact that it was in government, while the APC spent massively in anticipation of looting later when it would have come to government at the federal level. Definition of looting is close enough to definition of bribe. Bribe is defined as “gratification given and received before or after an obligation is rendered”. Bribe can be given and taken in advance. It might as well be given and taken in arrears.

In the same manner, looting of public treasury; albeit the Nigerian national vault, can be in advance, like as alleged against the PDP administration, or in arrears as soon to be alleged against the APC administration. With this as fair judgement of affairs, we can see the compelling reasons why the APC government must sell off all Nigeria’s profitable assets in addition to the “rule of non-disclosure” of all our earning plus recovered loots since the APC government came to power. This is what l called the Doomsday Conspiracy.

Mr. Godwin Etakibuebu, a veteran journalist, wrote from Lagos.


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