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Rumpus about probe in Kogi: Gov Bello can’t be intimidated – Fanwo

By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor
After being beaten in the Kogi State governorship poll and lately in the tribunal,  insinuations are that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP may have come to the end of its tethers.

The insinuation was not helped by the factionalisaiton of the party at the national level and the exit of some of its leading chieftains in the state, among whom was Senator Smart Adeyemi.

Yahaya Bello  : I am not ready to renege on my promise
Yahaya Bello : I am not ready to renege on my promise

It was against this background that a leading chieftain of the party, Senator Tunde Ogbeha took the Yahaya Bello administration to task, challenging the propriety of some actions of the new government and particularly, the decision of the Bello administration to probe the immediate past PDP administrations.

In a retort, Ogbeha, who served as military governor in the old Bendel State and subsequently in Akwa Ibom State before serving two terms in the Senate said:

“That (the probe) is an avenue of laziness and devoid of any initiative to do something, I believe in life, you look forward and not backward. The state is wasting resources and you could see the vengeance in it. You are going back to two administrations, what are you going to look at? Is there a specific case of corruption, or illegal things happened?”

His assertion on Sunday was on Tuesday countered by the Director General, Media and Publicity to the Governor of Kogi State, Kingsley Fanwo.

Responding to Ogbeha, Fanwo said that Ogbeha’s many caps would not intimidate the new administration in its mission.

He said that Governor Bello would not be cowed by media attacks on his person and government by people who are “threatened by the rising profile of the governor in the State.”

The governor’s image-maker said it is “reckless on the part of those who failed the people of Kogi for 13 years to turn around to blame a governor who has performed excellently in nine months.”

According to him, the people of Kogi State know who their real enemies are.

His words: “When I first read the interview of Sen. Tunde Ogbeha, a PDP leader in the State, my first reaction was that he was probably quoted out of context. Nothing suggested any iota of statesmanship in the interview.

“Senator Ogbeha is a respected statesman, who is expected to place the good of Kogi State above partisan arbitrariness. If he did say those things he was quoted to have said, then we have reasons to be worried about how much he has moved away from the poles of statesmanship.

“Change is never cheap. Resistance is expected from those who have lost out in the political calculus of the present. Hence, they have resorted to spurious attacks, unfounded claims, and reckless brigandage. If they so love the Kogi people and workers, why did they connive with people in power to pay workers in their private companies when civil servants were owed arrears of salaries?

“The decision to probe past leaders was not targeted at anyone, but to ask questions and get answers on how our resources were managed in the past. Those afraid of probe should tell the world what they are hiding.

“Governor Bello will remain focused on his passion for development just as we will continue to call on our opponents to join us in developing our great State.”


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