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How sports journalist Mazher Mahmood set up against Sam Sodje was exposed

By Chux Daniels

The sporting world is pervasive and filled with so many entities especially with some evil and wicked sport journalists trying to reap where they did not sow by blackmailing and setting up players who innocently and unconsciously fall pry to these antics that are orchestrated by these evil men behind the pen.


This was the case of former Nigeria super Eagle player SAM SODJE. When Mazher Mahmood approached Sam Sodje to help tailoring his (Sam Sodje) ambition of charity for his foundation, little did he know that this sports journalist, Mazher Mahmood has something gimmicks up his sleeves.

One will be wondering what Mahmood stand to gain by destroying a young man’s career whose fate was later hung, as he was declined further contracts by his former Portsmouth football club.

Mahmood, who it was later discovered, had all his plans mapped out to bring down this young Nigerian, that all his evidences to nail Sam Sodje was fake is presently facing series of legal suits and libel.

The unfortunate incident which happened in 2013, saw Sam Sodje quitting the round leather game. Most unfortunately is the attitude of the Prosecution Counsel who having found out the truth about the whole set up but still foot dragging to nail the journalist and bring him to book according to the law.

Aside Sam Sodje who was a victim of this sordid inhumanity to man by Mahmood, former England coach, Erikkson and Pakistan cricket international player have also resolved to take their pound of flesh through legal proceedings.

It is paramount at this juncture for the NFF and the Nigeria government to take proper note and not ignore such magnitude of crime against the Ex Super Eagles international especially now that the truth has been unveiled and legal fireworks are beaming from different angles.

This, we are confident will serve as a deterrent to other intending black mailers who do not mean well for our Nigeria players

Prince Chux Davix Daniels is the President, Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians.


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