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Homeless veteran actor, Tunde Alabi’s leg amputated

By Ayo Onikoyi

LAGOS—ONE of the legs of ailing veteran Nollywood actor of Village Headmaster fame, Tunde Alabi, who has been battling complications from diabetes at the Lagos General Hospital, was amputated, yesterday.

There were several efforts to avert the amputation, but all failed as they seemed to have come too late.

Tunde Alabi after the amputation
Tunde Alabi after the amputation

According to the veteran actor’s colleague, Paul Julius, who is at present solely taking care of him, the actor had no home to go back to after the surgery.

According to him, “as I speak with you, the amputated leg has just been taken to the mortuary. But our major concern right now is where he will return to as his home.

“Right now, he has no family, no friend that can take him in. He is homeless. Our effort to reach the governor of Lagos State, his home state, has only proven partially successful as nothing definitive has come out of it.

“The governor knows Uncle Tunde and will be willing to help but, bureaucratic bottlenecks have not helped matters.”

Tunde Alabi has been on the acting scene since the glorious days of television drama in Nigeria and he is today one of the last of the role interpreters in The Village Headmaster, a television drama that was the in-thing in its days on National Television Authority.

Tunde Alabi before the ailment
Tunde Alabi before the ailment

His role in the now rested soap opera, Palace, produced by Ralph Nwadike, was one that viewers will not forget in haste. The thoroughbred professional of the old order, who equally blended with the youngsters of today, impacting knowledge and valuable experience into them whenever he had the opportunity, is in dire need of help.

While appealing for help, Paul Julius said: “So sad! Our veteran actor’s leg has finally been amputated. I have laboured through thick and thin to save the life of Uncle Tunde and assisted by the indefatigable Chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter, Mr. Don Pedro Aganbi, and through the contributions of a few spirited colleagues and fans.

“We were only able to manage to keep him alive, but not with his full body as our once vibrant Uncle Tunde lost his right foot today (yesterday) at General Hospital, Lagos, to Diabetes Mellitus.

“Now, he is faced with another battle for survival; expensive drugs required to heal the amputated leg, no home to return, no money to afford one as his ailment had taken up his entire finances.

“We have done our best. We are calling people to assist him by just putting something into his account. No matter how small.”

Name: TUNDE OBAFEMI ALABI; Account number: 0005647181 (Unity Bank Plc).



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