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With family planning, you can have your family and career – Funke Osae-Brown

By Gabriel Olawale

Funke Osae-Brown is a reporter’s delight. Just 30 minutes in her company as she speaks about her passion for family planning is enough to convince even the staunchest cynic. Osae-Brown, a family planning advocate and publisher  of The Luxury Reporter says family planning  helps  eliminate the fear of unintended pregnancy and as couples spend quality time with their children while planning for their future.

She said her  passion for her dream influenced her to sign up for family planning. Married six years ago and blessed with a boy aged 4, and  girl, 2, Osae-Brown said she signed-up for family planning so as to  focus on her career and provide adequate care for their children.

“The fear of getting pregnant was not there any longer. As a couple, we have agreed that we don’t want more than two children.” I decided not to have more than two children and this prompted me to make enquiries from some friends that were using different methods of family planning.

“But the one I share much interest in was the Implant because majority of my friends were using it.” Osae-Brown said the whole process on signing-up for her choice method was less than 10 minutes.

“I was counseled on different types of family planning methods but later went for the  Implant because I knew about it.  They told me about the one for three years and that of five years but I was adviced to start with the one for three years and see how my body would react to it.

“They inserted the contraceptive  with a syringe and cleaned the surface before plastering it to control the bleeding. They gave me antibiotic because of infection. Everything didn’t last up to 10 minutes.” While urging women who wish to sign-up for family planning to have more background knowledge about the type they wish to sign-up for, Osae-Brown said her knowledge about the likely side effect was of help to her.

“I read about the side-effects like  headache, for some people they feel nausea while some add weight. In my own case, it was nausea and with time it  cleared. There was also controled menstruation for some time, some women don’t even menstruate at all.

“For the first few years I didn’t menstruate but later I started spotting and it was coming back, later it went on for about a month or two. So I went for medical help and I was told that there are drugs that can control it but I didn’t take any medication. Now I am back to my normal menses.”

Osae-Brown who was  excited about how family planning has helped her family, said that the most important thing is that any woman who wishes to sign-up should first seek knowledge because that a lone kills the fear.

“I am happy to come out to talk as an advocate because family planning is good, it helps you to get yourself back and pursue your goal. Having children or being married is not the end of the world, it can help you  space your children and get your career back,

“There will be no fear of getting pregnant, because when you are pregnant, you become so tired, weak and at times movement of the baby affects you among other concerns.

“As a career woman, you won’t wish to go through that routine almost every year or have an unexpected child. If you sign up for family planning it helps control your life, aspiration and dream. Your quality of life improves, and you can plan for your children,” she added.


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