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What happens to the mistress when the wife finally gets pregnant?

THE birth of a new  baby, especially after years of the couple trying, should bring joy and happiness. To the couple, yes. But not to Ebele, the mistress of the father of the new born child. “Martin had told me from the start of our relationship that he would love it if I had a child for him,’ she explained.


“He had been married for about three  years when we met. His wife already had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in one of her fallopian tubes being snipped off; narrowing her chances of conception by half. I met Martin at one of the tenant’s association meetings of our street. A meeting I seldom attended, I finally succumbed to pressure this fateful morning and Martin, the secretary of the association made a play for me. Of course, I knew him and his wife, Betty, but only to nod at.  Suddenly, I realized how handsome and sophisticated he was, and when he came round to collect past levies, he stopped for a chat and a quick drink. That was how it all started.

“Whenever his wife had to stay out late or go to her fertility clinic, he was always at my place, complaining that some of his wife’s treatment sometimes prevented them from having sex. I didn’t wrestle that much with my conscience before inviting him into my bed. And he was no disappointment. He was eager to talk too, telling me how desperately he wants to be a father and his fears that Betty might not get pregnant in the end.

“Months later, he begged me to have his baby. He was a man of moderate means, but I can safely look after a child if it comes to the crunch, so I agreed. Only getting pregnant is not what you get

on order and instead of me getting pregnant, it was Betty who eventually did. Martin was over the moon, but said our understanding was still on. I guess he was hedging his bet – if this latest pregnancy of his wife turned into another ectopic one, I would come in handy! As expected, Betty’s pregnancy wasn’t an easy ride. Her blood pressure soared and she had to be kept in the hospital for a while for monitoring. Martin shuffled between the hospital and my flat. It was as if we were married.

The street is a quiet one, and if anyone suspected anything, I didn’t hear about it. With Betty finally confined to bed rest after she was discharged, it was easy for us to continue our secret meetings. He was in my flat the evening he got a call from his wife at the hospital. Could he bring over some of the things she had packed for when the baby was due?

The hospital was ready to perform a caesarean operation. Martin leapt out of bed like a rocket and hurried to his flat. Minutes later, he drove furiously to the hospital. I was mad with jealousy. “The next time I saw Martin, he’d brought Betty home. I’d gone with a few members of the association to rejoice with the happy couple. The proud owner of the son he’d always wanted, he draped his arm

protectively round Betty, the picture of male pride at his newborn son. It was then I realized Betty had won. Even in her drab clothes and no make-up, Martin carried on as if she was Cinderella. To add insult to injury, the next time Martin called, he shuffled awkwardly on my door- step, casting nervous looks over at his own front door. “Listen Ebele, I can’t do this any more,” he mumbled nervously … “someone on the street has told Betty about us and I felt terrible. I had to deny there was anything going on between us.” I was gobsmacked. This was a man begging me to have a relationship with him, giving me most of his attention and a semblance of emotional security now pulling the rug from under my feet without batting an eyelid! It was then I understood how committing crimes of passion happened so easily. If I’d had a gun within reach, I would have happily aimed it at his treacherous heart and bumped him off! He must have seen the hatred in my eyes as he hurried off abruptly. My face burnt with humiliation as I cried bitter tears.

“I was broken-hearted. In my foolishness, I not only believed all the lies he told, I actually fell in love with him. If I’d got pregnant as he’d begged me to, would he have abandoned me now that his wife’s made him a father? I’m currently running out of excuses for not attending the tenants meeting as I learnt Martin attends with his wife. I can’t stand seeing how happy they both are, and the pitying looks of my neighbours. In time the scandal will low out, but I regret making such a fool of myself.”

Ten Reasons To Reach For Your Partner!

You need not look for more excuse to get between the sheets and have sex – now it’s been scientifically proven that sex is good for you! According to scientific findings, sex –

(a) Boost Your Heart: Any activity that increases heart rate is good for you, so why not get your blood pumping from the comfort of your own bed? Plus the more aroused and active you are during sex, the quicker your heart will beat. If you suffer with heart disease, it’s still safe to have sex as long as you can complete everyday activities such as walking up two flights of stairs without chest pain.

(b)Improve Circulation: This kind of aerobic exercise boosts your circulation by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow into your blood-stream. It also helps you to detox by pushing out toxins as you sweat.

(c)Lose Weight: Hurrah! Having sex burns calories. A study found that women burn on average 69 calories per 25 minutes of foreplay and lovemaking – the equivalent of a short, brisk walk. Finally – a form of exercise we can look forward to!

(d) Feel Healthier: There’s a link between sexual activity and how well you feel. Researchers found that people who had regular sex rated their general health much higher than those who didn’t. Not only that, but people in love were also more likely to say their health was better than those who weren’t.

(e)  Fight Stress: People who’ve had sex recently can combat stressful situations such as public speaking better than those who haven’t. But it doesn’t have to be just sex. Foreplay and non-penetrative sex also help tackle stress too.

(f) Look Younger: Put the anti-wrinkle back on the shelf and get saucy with your partner instead. According to research, having sex three times a week knocks four to seven years off the appearance on your skin.

(g)  Best Insomnia: Sex releases your body’s natural endorphins, which ease anxiety and help you to relax and fall asleep easily.

(h) Boost Your Immune System: Fed up of always having a cold? Having regular sex boosts your immune system. A study found that people who had sex once or twice a week had 30 per cent more of an important illness – fighting substance in their bodies than those who had no sex at all.

(i)  Live Longer: A study of 1000 men in Wales found that those who had two or more orgasms a week halved their risk of dying early, suggesting that there is a link between longevity and frequent sex.

(j)  Lower Your Blood Pressure: A scientific study revealed hugging and holding hands lowers blood pressure and makes you better equipped for dealing with life’s troubles in the future. So what

are you waiting for? Get cuddling!



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