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Folorunso Alakija’s life, success story in print


Folorunso Alakija is a name that rings bell all over the world. She can be described as a woman of many parts, a business woman, minister of God, loving wife, a caring mother and grandmother, a philanthropist with the desire to help the needy. She is also the vice chairman of her family’s oil exploration and production company and their printing press, Digitalreality Print Ltd.

Folorunso Alakija Speaks: An inspirational book for Christians and all; Folorunso Alakija; Digitalreality Print Ltd. Lagos, Nigeria; 2016; Pages 159 and 196
Folorunso Alakija Speaks: An inspirational book for Christians and all; Folorunso Alakija; Digitalreality Print Ltd. Lagos, Nigeria; 2016; Pages 159 and 196

The great amazon has been successful in all areas of life, and has remained an outstanding woman, little wonder she occupies the position as the richest woman in Africa.

For someone with such intimidating profile and what she has achieved, she definitely has a story and as it is often said the secret of a great man/woman lies in her story. How did she get there, what were the challenges that came her way and what is the secret of her success?

And as a God fearing woman, she is not the type that delights in seeing people suffer, she has succeeded and wants others to succeed and that is why she has articulated a lot of speeches which she wants to share with others in her new books entitled Folorunso Alakija Speaks: an inspirational book for Christians and  Folorunso Alakija Speaks: an inspirational book for all.

The first book which is segmented into four chapters is a compilation of the author’s speeches over the years as an inspiration book for Christians. It contains her favourite ministration over the years at churches here in Nigeria and abroad. The topics covered include the ones that will help every Christian and homes.

Chapter One- Business/Finance features some of the messages she delivered in many churches on happy family and wealth creation, the get rich quick syndrome whose voice are you listening to , Grace for Entrepreneural success; finding financial freedom, empowering business owners and leaders in the community.

This is followed with an inspirational talk on God of possibilities, a lecture she delivered at The Grace Family Church, Alausa, Ikeja while the next chapter takes a look at Marriage. Here she speaks about her success story and what every aspiring woman needs to understand about life on the topic tagged Celebrating Exceptional motherhood, who is a mother, what does it take to be a mother and what is motherhood.

Finally, the last chapter features selected interviews she had with Cleveland Gary, CEO of Black Shopping Channel and that with TBN partners, where she tells the story of her life generally.

The second book of nine chapters addressed to all features a compilation of her speeches over the years, an inspirational book that contains a selection of her favourite speeches, carefully prepared and presented by the author who has honed her skills as a speaker. They are inspired by many topics and subjects ranging from business/finance; women development, marriage, charity, Education, inspirational, corporate social responsibility to nation building.

The book also contains some of the author’s acceptance speeches she delivered in universities where she received honorary doctorate awards and her latest as the first female chancellor of a government owned university in Africa.

Finally, the chapter features two interviews she had with African Voices, CNN interview and that with TW magazine tagged Brunch with Mrs Alakija.

The books are also laced with some images captured at some of the events, but one missing link is that the pictures has no caption to tell the reader the people there and where it happened. An inclusion of that in subsequent editions will be welcomed.

A songster once said that “Mr Beggar has no town’s man, but when you are rich everybody is your uncle.” In real life people do not want to identify with a failure, but they tend to follow the rich and listen to his/her story of success. Mrs Alakija belongs to the latter. For somebody who has been in the business of changing lives through her Rose of Sharon Foundation, the books can be seen as another way to touch lives in positive ways. Written in very simple English for easy reading by people of all ages. I therefore recommend it to all.


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