August 28, 2016

Blasphemy: ‘No Christian was killed in Zamfara’ – Northern CAN

Blasphemy: ‘No Christian was killed in Zamfara’ – Northern CAN

A Zamfara community burnt down by the rampaging Fulani herdsmen

By Luka Binniyat
KADUNA – The Northern Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Northern CAN, said on Saturday that none of its members were among the eight persons widely reported to have been killed in a home in Talata Maraf, Zamfara by a Muslim mob after an alleged blasphemy of the Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, penultimate week.

Northern CAN, which is not an appendage of CAN, and does not form one of the five blocks of CAN, said the media got it all wrong when it referred to the eight killed as Christians.

The Public Relations Officer Northern CAN, Rev. John Hayab who spoke to our correspondent in Kaduna on Saturday: “Our people on ground confirmed to us that none of our people were killed. We don’t need to mention those that were killed.

“We met yesterday (Friday) over the killings going on in Northern Nigeria. We clearly understood that those killed in Zamfara were not Christians. So, the erroneous story going on in the social media and in many other media claiming that those roasted were Christians should be corrected.

“But as an organization, we frowned at the killing human beings in whatsoever guise. Human being are human being. If they are criminals, there are police. We should report them to the police to arrest the and not to burn them in the house. Our concern is that our nation is becoming barbaric.”

Hayab did not expatiate on his claims, but said it became necessary that Northern CAN came halt rumour mongering by saying the truth. He said that Northern CAN condemned the killings of anyone in the name of religion.

The assertion of Northern CAN contradicts with the position the main body of CAN, which has affirmed that the victims were Christians and condemned murder.

Chairman of the CAN in the North West Zone, an affiliate of the main CAN, Bishop David Bakare, had addressed a Press Conference in Kaduna penultimate week and said that those killed were Christians and that the killings of Christians over charges of blasphemy was getting too much in the North.