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To become superstars, ladies need talent, not ‘connection’- Model

By Prisca Sam-Duru

Nancy Isime is an actress, on air personality and a model. She is not just physically endowed but multitalented as well and believes that living out ones talent is a sure way to succeeding in a 21st century rather than engaging in one form of immorality or the other. Nancy was at the premiere of a new TV series titled, On the Real and revealed to Woman’s Own the secret of her success.

“I played the role of Amaka. Amaka is a timid and shy girl, in as much as a lot of girls are really quite out spoken these days, there are still the shy and quiet ones. I’m reserved and my character is amazing but it is a direct opposite of me because I’m not shy at all. I am bold and not afraid to aim for the best.“On The Real narrates the story about Lagos, about how we Nigerians live.

It’s not basically trying to judge anyone but we are literarily saying this is what goes on in Lagos. The characters portray different individuals dealing with different issues the youths can relate with. It in a lot of ways addresses some issues in the youth sector, kinds of entertainment made for young people. Its showcasing a fictional world in a real setting.

This is a TV series that keeps on metamorphosing so its better to watch it and be entertained. This is our sole purpose for this on Ebony Life TV, to keep people entertained through TV and make you feel you are a part of the reality. And as it evolves, you pick up lessons. Every character is so different and so beautiful”.

Some people think her performance in On The Real was too amazing for a first timer but Nancy corrected that “This is not my first time on set, I’ve quite some work, I have two of my jobs in cinemas right now, Blues and Breathless. I have a couple more coming out, I have short films, I’ve had nominations as an actor and as a presenter. I’ve been acting for quite a while.

As a matter of fact, my journey in entertainment has been amazing, entertainment has been so good to me. I came in as a novice, I didn’t have any proper training in acting or presenting, I just came and the industry accepted me. I’m blessed and grateful for the growth. I love the lessons and experience so far. I’m also glad that the industry is getting better, comparing past and present movies, there’s a big different.

And that’s the change we want to see. Thank you to filmmakers who are putting in a lot to see the changes for a better industry. You can look at On The Real for instance, the production is awesome. We had fun and the quality is superb” A lot of girls blame unemployment as reason to sleep with producers in order to get roles but Nancy believes this is absurd adding “That is actually a problem.

I have a lot of people who look at me and say oh Nancy I want to be a presenter please connect me. Look, I had no single connection when I started, I heard about the first audition, went there and made friends and after that they started calling me for different auditions. I didn’t have problems going for auditions or starting from the bottom. I didn’t need a god father or connection to come and make me a star.

“So, if you are out there looking for connection to become a star, it doesn’t work that way. You don’t need to sleep around. It takes some time and a lot of hard work but if you are lucky it can happen overnight. If you put your heart to it and be consistent you will succeed. Remember, consistency is the mother of all success. Don’t sit at home wasting time and waiting for some rich married men to come marry you and open a shop for you.

That’s really not success in a 21st century. Women are succeeding on their own. There are so many powerful women, presidents, governors just name them. Many are CEO as we have in First Bank, look at EbonyLife TV executive producer Mo Abudu and her daughter Temidayo Abudu who just came out with the amazing production, On The Real, these are women so you too can do it. You don’t have to be an actor but you can be an amazing and successful woman by living out your talent.”


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