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63-yr-old man violates lover’s daughter 3, sister 11

By Ike Uchechukwu

IKOT EFANNGA MKPA— CONCERNED  residents of Ikot Efannga Nkpa community, Calabar Municipality Local Government Area of Cross River State, have raised eyebrows over the release by the police of a 63-year-old alleged serial rapist, who allegedly had unlawful carnal knowledge of his mistress,’ three-year-old daughter and 11-year-old sister.

•Victim’s mother,Amaka Festus Chukwu
•Victim’s mother,Amaka Festus Chukwu

The latest incident, which is generating furor, occurred on July 17 at the Water Board residence of his  mistress, Amaka Festus Chukwu, who the suspect promised marriage. The case which was reported at the Federal Housing Police Station was later transferred to the state Police Headquarters in Calabar on July 20.

However, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ozi Obeh Jimoh, told NDV that the police were still investigating the matter and would charge the suspect to court. Amaka, who narrated the incident to our reporter, said she has found it very difficult to wake up from the nightmare of her lover causing her daughter and little sister such harm.

What I saw — Mother

Her words: “I sent my three-year-old daughter (names withheld) to look after her three-month- old younger brother, who was sleeping while I was cooking. Then he (lover) came to the house, when he came in, he told me he has body weakness and that he was very tired, I told him I was cooking if he could wait, so he went inside the house and waited.

“About 10 minutes later when I entered the house to pick something, I saw my daughter rolling on the floor and crying seriously. She could not even cry out loud because she was in severe pain and I saw blood everywhere on the floor.

“I was in shock. Her pant was soaked with blood, so I asked him what happened. He told me he does not know. I asked my daughter what happened, she told me that ‘daddy’ put his hand inside there (vagina) and later put her on the bed and made love to her.

“But she was begging daddy because it was hurting her and he refused, threatening that if she tells mummy, he will kill her and no one will know what happened.”


According to her, “When I entered the room, he pretended as if he was sleeping, so I tapped him and woke him up. I could not just hold it. I probed him further, then he started to shout me down. That was when I called the landlady, who started screaming and I told the caretaker who called the youths and they took him to the community people, then to the police.

She added: “I have been with him for about two years now because he told my people that he wants to marry me, this is not the first time he is doing such a thing. Even when my younger sister, who is just 11 was staying with me I caught him red-handed making love to her twice, once in the kitchen and another time in the bedroom.

“He also tried to sleep with my mother, who came to take care of me when I just gave birth. He promised my mother heaven and earth, but my mother refused. So many times when my mother wants to take her bath he will attempt to forcefully make love to her,” she revealed.

She told NDV that more than three weeks after the incident, the Police have not charged the man to court and he was threatening to deal with her because they released him.

Police procrastinating —   activist

Coordinator, Civil Rights and Accountability Network Initiative, Mr. Kingsley Okoma, whose group took up the matter on behalf of the victims, said: “When we waded into the matter, we discovered that there has been some delay on the part of the police. When I accosted the IPO, he told me that indeed, the suspect confessed to the crime.

“But he believes that if the court comes in and the law is allowed to take its course, the victim’s mother will lose all the privileges she enjoys from the suspect, who is her benefactor, but I rebuked him that it is not an excuse in law. “

Mr. Okoma stated that it took the intervention of the Attorney General of the state, Mr. Joe Abang, for the Police to take the matter seriously, adding, “This was after he sent an order to the officer in charge of Legal Unit. Until now, the police are still procrastinating on charging the man to court.”

According to Okoma, “We just want the law to take its course, we do not want to believe that the suspect is being shielded by anyone for any reason. Let him be prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others.”

I am innocent – Suspect

When our reporter contacted the suspect on phone, he said the allegations against him were false, but when questioned further, he switched off his phone.

Crude assault, not defilement

Contacted, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ozi Obeh Jimoh, confirmed that a chief reported a case of defilement of a four-year-old girl against the suspect on July 20 and the Police arrested the suspect.

His words: ””The case reported was defilement but the investigations carried out did not prove defilement, but indecent assault because based on the medical report from the Nigeria Police Hospital, carried out by a competent and qualified medical doctor, there was no defilement. According to the medical report, there was no penetration.”

Why suspect is not in court yet

He said the court could summon the doctor for more details if it is not satisfied with the evidence of the Police, based on the medical report, but the police released the suspect on health grounds because he is diabetic and also has a diabetic sore on his leg.

On why the suspect has not been arraigned in court, he said:”The position of the law is clear on this; it is left for the court to determine. If we go to court, the press will say we rushed the case to court, it is not just taking the case to court ,the era of we have not finished the case is over. We had to wait for the doctor’s report and tidy up everything before the case can go to court.”


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