June 15, 2016

Wife wants 16-year-old marriage dissolved over summons to Ogboni cult by husband



A 35-year-old housewife, Tomilola Ogundele, on Wednesday asked an Ikole Customary Court to dissolve her 16-year-old marriage to Olanrewaju Aluko over alleged threats to her life.

She also alleged that her husband was threatening to deal with her by reporting her to the Ogboni cult.

Ogundele filed for divorce on the grounds of alleged “threat to her life, no rest of mind, non-payment of her bride price and lack of care for her and the three children of the union.’’

She further prayed the court to order the defendant to pay all outstanding maintenance allowances and school fees of the children.

The plaintiff, testifying on Thursday, during the court session, alleged that Aluko had previously accused her of flirting with her ex-boyfriend.

She said that he then reported her to the members of the Ogboni cult who summoned her to appear before it in 2012.

“He does not care for my upkeep and that of the children nor responsible for the school fees of the three children which I shouldered alone.

“He always threatens to use my hair and pants for rituals to make me mad if I ever make attempt to leave him.

“I finally left him because of the continuous threats to my life so as to have peace of mind and cope with my life.

“I want the court to dissolve the marriage with the defendant.

“I also want the custody of the children because the defendant has no one that can help him take care of them,’’ she said.

The plaintiff further demanded N20,000 as feeding allowance for the children and prayed the court to restrain the plaintiff from further disturbing her in her current residence.

The defendant, Olanrewaju Aluko, however, denied the allegations during cross examinations and told the court that he would explain his own side of the story when he opened his defence.

The Court’s President, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, adjourned the case to July 11 for continuation of hearing.

Ojo, however, warned the parties from harassing or assaulting each other anywhere.

“Else, defaulter will be criminally liable. “

She also ordered the plaintiff to ensure all her witnesses were in court on the adjourned date.