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There is no limit to how far women can rise in the media

By Kehinde Ajose

THE animated warm voice of Olayemi Ogunwole, a k.a Honey Pot is one a lot of radio listeners are familiar with. The award winning broadcaster is a thoroughbred media personality who presents on radio and on TV. It takes a lot of courage and dedication to stand out in a competitive media world, but she has been able to make her mark with her unique delivery and ability to connect on an emotional level with her audience.

Ogunwole Olayemi

Olayemi who presents shows on  Radio Continental  and  Television Continental  says there is no limit to how far women can rise in the edia. “It’s been a beautiful ride .I know that people say that in a certain industry there is chauvinism, men dominating and not allowing the women to do so. I don’t think so. It’s a thing of the mind. I believe there is no limit to how far women can rise in the media.

It’s a creative world; you can think something and achieve what you thought about .It starts from the mind .With God’s grace you will get to your desired height. I don’t think there are cases of someone bringing you down .I have been the head of programmes and I know that there is no limit to what one can do. One can always rise to the top.

On what stands her out as a broadcaster, she has this to say: “I present my show in a relaxed manner. When it comes to talk shows, I make people feel relaxed and make them happy. It is one of my unique traits. I have also been told that I laugh a lot. Even when we are treating human angle stories, I still find a way to bring out the fun in it.”



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