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I have never used backdoor to fame – Juliet Okonkwo


In an industry populated by cut-throat wannabes, read to do the unimaginable for a break in their career, Juliet Okonkwo, says she’s different. The Nnamdi Azikiwe University graduate in this chat with Ayo Onikoyi sheds light on her expedition into acting and reveals what she would never do in the name of the trade or for fame.

 Juliet Okonkwo
Juliet Okonkwo

How would you describe your expedition into acting  ?

My relationship with God is what I hold best and prayers have kept me going in the industry, though it could be tough and challenging sometimes but my passion and love for acting is inevitable. Again, if you ask for references they will attest to the fact that I take my job passionately.

Has there ever been a role you feel you didn’t interpret well enough?

Evidently, I play every role well , I put in my own creativity into every role given to me.


How many movies have you featured in ?

I have played several roles in over 20 movies and still counting. I have worked in movies such as Egg of Life, 911, Emotional Blunder, Not My Own , My Hero ,Under My Oat, Bloody Encounter , Cry For Love , Payback and others.


What informs your choice of roles and movies you feature in ?

Firstly, I anticipate to get a great script. Then I ruminate the director as well as the cast and crew.


Where do you see yourself in future in the Nollywood industry?

Well, I see myself going higher as I tend to work with Nollywood great artistes and work internationally as well. To bring this to reality, I plan on going to present an award in Nollywood and African Film Critique award in September this year.


Are you in a relationship at moment?            

Yes I am. As a matter of fact, I am happily married to my best friend but I keep my relationship private and would rather not talk about it.


Would you quit acting for marriage?

No, I am married to a man that supports my profession. Like I said earlier I keep my relationship private. Let’s focus on my work and leave it at that.


Was acting your career interest growing up?

No, it was not, before I came into the industry, I studied Accountancy at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. I was about furthering into Business Management before fate brought me into the entertainment industry though,in the future I will still like to further into Business Management  to help myself in Business.


Have you had any revolting experience in the industry?

I have never had any unpleasant experience so far. I think my talent has paved ways and made things easier for me.  I have always been a confident person ,so, I don’t have any urge to use the shortcut door to rise to the limelight in the industry as long as God is on my side.


Do you have a liaison with god?

Yes I do,  I am a Christian and  one God has been my Bedrock in my way of life.


Have you turned down any role in the past?

Yes, sometimes you have no choice but to turn down some roles due to bad script and other reasons.


Considering your relationship, what wont you do in the name of acting? 

I can’t go nude in movies no matter  what.



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