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Translate empowers job seekers for SMEs, entrepreneurial recruitment

By Moses Nosike

Following several challenges emerging from recruitment process in Nigeria, beginning from poor CV preparation and school curriculum system that have affected many Nigerian graduates securing jobs and as well competing favourably globally,, an online HR firm which builds network of employable professionals and also keen in protecting them in the job market has been preparing and repositioning Nigerian job seekers for gainful employments through its trained network of employable professional scheme.

Head of Talents,, Christian Anozie said, “What we are trying to do is get a pool of employable Nigerians that would be ready and easily available for quick hire for companies – SMEs, entrepreneurs, Blue chips, NGOs etc. in whatever capacity, be it part/full time, internship, adhoc, volunteering for specific projection and endeavours and then be a consultant on short term, medium or long term hire. projects employable Nigerians for SMEs engagement thereby easing hiring processes for small firms.

“We target people who for one form or the other, the competitive labour market will make them not easily be seen for employment, so we evaluate them and decide suitable professional approach to help them fit both national and international. So, we invite them, look at their CV’s and interview them using global best practices in Human Resources. When we see their CV’s we now have first hand interviews with them. Thereafter, their qualification level would determine if we can put them on our online platform for employment or make recommendations for more improvement. It is a holistic approach that has achieved results both home and abroad.

However, the reason for the online platform is because most of the youths are always on social media, so we send out messages on social media. We have also done newspaper adverts, introduced our website to all the various media platforms, because that is where most of them submit their CV.  We also reached out to National Youth Service Corps and other higher institutions in Lagos, as we educate students on where they can secure IT and holiday employment and are able to give their best to organizations while garnering experience even before they leave school.

Again, we decided to launch online because 60% to 70% of employer- employee engagement are done first online and that is the new direction of business, so virtual HR has come to stay. So we have to be at the media space so that organizations looking for them can get them online since that is the easiest place to get ready workforce. For Entrepreneurs’ and SMEs looking at credible Nigerians to employ, the method is easy, just go to the website, based on the profession, you look up at the list of people in that profession which we have evaluated and we feel they can give their best based on the global best practices in human resources.


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