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Ogiamien plays no part in coronation of Oba of Benin — Palace chief


A Benin Palace Chief Osamede Adun, the Aiyobahan of Benin kingdom, has debunked claims by a section of the Ogiamien family that an Oba cannot function without the input of Chief Ogiamien during coronation process.

Chief Adun was reacting to the claim by spokesman for the Ogiamen family, Monday Wehere who had in an interview said they performed the installation because an Oba cannot function without a sitting Ogiamien engaging the Oba in a mock battle at Ekiopkaogha.

It would be recalled that one Rich Arisco Osemwengie who was last year installed as an Ogiamien carved out Utantan Nation out of Benin Kingdom just as the reigning Ogiamien, Osarobo Okuonghae has not been seen since 1998 which made a section of the Ogiamien family declare him missing and installed Arisco.

Chief Adun who however dismissed claims of the Ogiamiens said the Oba can function effectively without an Ogiamien and noted that the Oba has already been crowned before the mock battle at Ekiopkaogha between his forces and that of the Ogiamien.

According to him, “The Oba goes to Ekiopkaogha as an Oba and the activity does not disturb the function of an Oba. The Oba does not know them. They are slave to the Binis. They don’t have base here. Throughout my life, nobody has challenged the Oba. They are referring to the 10th century when they were not born.”

“How many of their forefathers had died without challenging the Oba. They don’t have royalty in their blood. The world knows that our Oba is the first. Ogiamen is a slave. That story that without Ogiamien there is no Oba is false. Arisco that they made Ogiamien was a truck pusher in this Benin.

“How he joined the Ogiamien family, I don’t know. Ogiamien is part of the Uzama N’ Ibie under the Edion known as the Uzama N’ Ihinron. The Binis should not lose sleep over the imposters in Ogiamien family. They said my business is down but my business is going up because I am fighting a worthy cause.”

“What is the meaning of Ekiopkaogha? Ekiokpaogha does not crown the Oba. The Oba goes there not because it is traditional but for formality. It is to remember an event where the Ogiamiens were defeated and crushed.

“The Ekiopkaogha is nothing to the Binis. An Oba can forget many things and bring new ideas. When Oba Akenzua was alive, why did they not challenge the Oba then?


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