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Crippled Mallam, others healed at Lord Chosen crusade

By Sam Eyoboka

WHEN Hassan Abba left Kano aboard a Lagos-bound trailer his mission was not to seek healing for his physical disability. He was born cripple about 21 years ago. He was just born with both hind limbs fully formed but were not functional. For over 20 years, he had crawled on his tommy in all manner of places and to avoid accidental injuries he had made leather pads which he wore as shoes and and strapped around his body parts exposed to danger.

Last Sunday afternoon, Hassan Abba was dressed in a black stripped short-sleeve shirt and Khaki trouser with left leg folded to the knee. He had lived all his life begging for alms at bus stops and at gatherings where people would notice him and either give him food or some money.

He had pitched his tent at a strategic location at the just concluded “From Sorrow to Joy” crusade of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministry at the church’s headquarters hoping to take advantage of the huge crowd of worshippers to make some money.

Mallam Hassan Abba surrounded by Chosen's verifiers at the crusade
Mallam Hassan Abba surrounded by Chosen’s verifiers at the crusade

But at about 3.30 p.m. when the General Overseer of the ministry, Pastor Lazarus Muoka started his ministration and praying for the sick and the afflicted, Hassan Abba, in utter astonishment, suddenly rose to his feet. Initially, the feet, especially the left one could not carry him, but with share determination borne out of bewilderment, he kept walking.

Asked to give his testimony, Hassan Abba who could not speak a word in English language, simply muttered some words in Hausa that he had come to beg for alms, but after such a miraculous feat, he would not beg again.

A surprise survivor of the Inter Corp Oil Limited Gas plant, a subsidiary of Chikason Group explosion that claimed many lives and property at Nnewi in Anambra State on Christmas eve, Mr. Ndubuisi Anasobi’s testimony was simply shocking and amazing. While explaining his ordeal to the mammoth crowd of worshippers last Sunday, Anasobi who joined the church in 2004, shed tears, considering what he went through, still dazed by the realization that he was alive to recount the experience.

According to him, he had visited the affected Gas Plant after moments of hesitation, to refill his gas cylinder on that fateful day in his Toyota Camry car only to discover that, there was a huge crowd of persons preparing for the Christmas. After spending some quality time without being attended to, he decided to leave as though he was hearing a voice, but had to return the cylinder and exercise some patience.

“On getting there, I joined the queue, waiting for my turn. After spending some time, I decided to leave. I even brought my gas cylinder out from the queue and put it in my car to go, but a thought came to me, and I went to put it back again on the queue and stayed back to wait like others, because next day was Christmas and I needed to do the gas refilling for my wife to cook,” he narrated.

As they all waited to be attended to, the explosion occurred at about 2.00 p.m. and he recalled seeing people running hecta skelter for their lives.

“Immediately the explosion occurred, we knew there was danger and everyone started to find a way of escape. Unfortunately, running out of the gas plant was not easy due to congestion. There was a stampede and gas cylinders fell on so many people. In fact, no one knew the direction to go as a result of thick smoke. As a member of Chosen, I kept on shouting God of Chosen take control and save me. I did not know how I struggled out of the premises to the road, because I was partially blind and could not see anything any longer. While I was running, I fell down and the fire caught up with me, but I continued calling on the God of Chosen. I laid flat, faced the ground and covered my face with one hand, because I didn’t want to see how I was going to die,” he said.

While lying helpless in the burning bush, Anabosi’s clothes caught fire but miraculously the fire didn’t get beyond the shirt he was wearing.

“I cannot explain how I came out from the burning bush alive. As I was lying down, I saw myself as an Army General four enemies were coming to attack. They shot continuously, but the bullet did not penetrate my body. I understood that they were unable to kill me because I had advantages over them. I was taller, huge and had more muscle than them. When their bullets could not kill me, I heard their Commander telling them to get me alive. And, immediately he said so, I woke up and discovered that I was still lying in the bush,” he narrated.



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