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Valentine’s Day: Getting down and dirty with the boss’ daughter!


By Candida

It’s a known fact that  every man has a treasured possession,”  said Julius. (Mine is my newly acquired jeep, Seyi, my best friend loves his state-of-the art music equipment with his vast CD collection and our managing director adores his daughter, Juwon.

The one major rule with treasured possession is look, admire, desire – but never touch. Mr. T. (that’s what we call him) is nearly 55, as happy-go-lucky as any of us guys and divorced – the  last person you’d expect to have a twenty something year old daughter.

“I know he had two children but judging by the photographs on his desk, they were much younger, I’d never seen them, or his ex- wife. but he had a gorgeous girlfriend, Gina, an up-and-coming actress who’d starred in the fantasies of almost every man in the office. Especially mine. When she arrived at the party with .Juwon, I thought they were friends or even sisters. I’d worked at the architectural firm for over four years, so I knew the annual general meeting is always rounded off with a bit of pump. Go for lunch at a near -by restaurant, then off to a posh club until the early hours. By the time Juwon turned up, most of us were smashed. I noticed her instantly. So did every other guy. She was even more stunning than Gina. My friend Seyi went over to have a chat with the two ladies but I didn’t think he, I or anyone else in the firm stood a chance.


“The bar was a bit packed and when I went to get another drink, I found myself almost squashed right next to her. I came out with the only silly comment that came to my head: ‘Crowded here, isn’t it?’ but it got us chatting. She was 24 and just finished training as a pharmacist. I asked how she knew Gina, and she replied, ‘Oh, she’s a friend of my dad.’ Unfortunately, the penny didn’t drop. Looking back, she assumed I knew who she was. I noticed the MD looking over a few times, but I innocently smiled back. Seyi was further along the bar, trying to catch my eye. I deliberately didn’t look at him, I thought he was trying to give me the thumbs- up. But what he wanted to do was to tell me Juwon was the MD’s daughter.

“Juwon was so flirtatious and I was amazed she was even talking to me. She had a cute perk breasts and when she saw me starring at them. she licked her lips and ran her fingers up and down my arms. I put my hand in my pocket trying to hide my erection, but she noticed. Urging us to go get some fresh air, we went outside and near the vast car  park. She bragged about the car her dad bought her for her graduation, insisting I come with her to have a look. Luckily. it was parked well away from other cars and Juwon    opened the car. We climbed into the back seat. I couldn’t keep my hands off her and she covered us with the skimpy shawl she brought with her. She then kissed me. I made for her boobs, massaging and licking them .

“After a while. she pushed my head between her legs – she was clearly one of those girls who know what they want and are used to getting it – and I gave her oral sex under the shawl, using all the skill at my’ disposal. She went really wild as I resorted to masturbation. I came within seconds of her. She looked like the cat who got the cream. We’d better straightened ourselves out before my dad gets in later,’ she said. ‘Is your dad at the party?’ I asked her. She looked incredulous. ‘Don’t you know?’ she said. I

shook my head. ‘My dad’s the MD.’ No matter how good sex with  Juwon was, it wasn’t worth that feeling of horror I felt. I thought I was going to throw up.

“He’s going to kill me’ I said. But Juwon laughed. ‘He won’t know because I won’t tell him – I know you won’t either. This is between us, Ok? By the way, that was an amazing session!’ I kissed her goodbye and got out of her car, not caring whether she’s used me

or not, praying word wouldn’t go out – the boss always heard the office gossip. The thought of going back to the club was too much, so I walked down the road where my jeep was parked and raced home. I spent the weekend dreading Monday, and getting both terrified and turned on by what we’d done.

“Seyi was already at work when I arrived. I told him I’d gone home after throwing up then quickly asked him for the latest gossip. There was plenty of it, but he didn’t know mine. Now it was down to the MD,. He breezed past my desk as usual. grinned and said. ‘I hear’you weren’t too well at the party. My daughter said she was going to take you up on the offer of a dance until you ran off to throw up. Can’t take your drink, eh Julius?!” If only he knew …



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