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Biafra: IGP warns agitators, IPOB against unauthorized bearing of arms

Dare security agencies and face the consequences—Arase

Anybody killing agitators is a murderer—Okeke, ex-PSC boss

Video showing killings of IPOB members in Aba goes viral

By Emeka Mamah, Kingsley Omonobi,  Nwabueze Okonkwo & Ugochukwu Alaribe

ABUJA—Following media reports credited to members of the Independent Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, threatening to carry arms in self defence against the Nigerian nation, Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase has warned pro-Biafra agitators to reconsider their stand on bearing of arms or face the wrath of the extant laws concerning firearms.

Arase also warned that anybody who dares security agencies in the discharge of their constitutional responsibilities, and makes life difficult for law abiding citizens, will face dire consequences for their actions.

In a statement signed by the Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olabisi Kolawole, the IGP further cautioned the IPOB members to follow appropriate avenues in venting their grievances as anybody who steps out of bounds will be decisively dealt with.

Consequently, the IGP  directed all Zonal AIGs and State Commands CPs to strictly enforce the laws against the use of illegal firearms across the length and breadth of the country.

The statement read: “The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to a publication credited to the Indigenous People of Biafra ‘to carry guns in self defence.’

“The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase, has sternly warned members of the IPOB to reconsider their stand or face the wrath of the extant laws on bearing of firearms.

“Members of the group should therefore note that it is an offence punishable under the criminal Law of the Federation of Nigeria for a person to have in his possession or under his control any prohibited firearms without licence or permit.

“Meanwhile, all Zonal AIGs and State Commands CPs have been directed to strictly enforce the laws against the use of illegal firearms across the length and breadth of the country.

“The Inspector-General of Police has assured that the Nigeria Police Force, complemented by other security agencies in the country, will tirelessly and assiduously work towards eliminating any threat to internal security and social disorder.

“He has reassured Nigerians of his commitment to their safety and security.”

Killers and murderers

Biafra protesters
Biafra protesters

But in a swift reaction, Chief Simon Okeke, former Chairman of Police Service Commission, PSC,  has described anybody shooting and killing members of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB or Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, who are agitating for the restoration of Biafra as a murderer and should be treated as such.

He said he had equally made some inquiries from higher authorities and was told that the shootings and killings of the Biafran agitators did not have the blessings of even President Muhammadu Buhari and service chiefs, but rather, the killers are applying excessive use of force on their own.

Okeke who spoke to newsmen at his country home, Amichi in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, also called for immediate release of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu on bail or else those who objected to his bail should tell the world why he should not be granted bail.

Okeke who, however, noted that the agitation for restoration of Biafra is uncalled for because according to him, rather than agitating for Biafra, the agitators should concentrate on an agitation that would attract  federal government presence in the South East zone.

According to him, “the agitation of the MASSOB or IPOB members is a reaction unto action. The way Ndigbo are treated with disdain in this country is so bad. These young men and women have a genuine reason to revolt against lack of federal presence in the South East region. As if that was not enough, in all the federal appointments, no Igbo man or woman is in the kitchen cabinet of the present Buhari administration.

“However, the Federal Government ought to have established South East Development Commission to reconstruct the damage done to Igbo land during the civil war.

“General Yakubu Gowon did promise at the end of the war that government would reconstruct, rehabilitate and re-integrate the South East zone into the main stream but the reverse is the case till date.

“I thought the agitators would have been fighting for rehabilitation and reconstruction and attraction of federal presence to the South East region, instead of Biafra. South East governors should play a major role in the rehabilitation and reconstruction exercise. The Federal Government should create a petrochemical industry in the oil-bed South East zone to create employment opportunities for our teeming unemployed youths because unemployment is one of the major problems that leads to restiveness.

“These youths agitating for Biafra should ask questions about what happened during the civil war. Government should make history compulsory as a subject in our schools so that our youths will be taught what happened in the past and the immediate and remote causes of the civil war.”

Video showing killings of IPOB members in Aba

Meantime, the Igbo Youths Movement, IYM, has alerted Nigerians over what it described as “the degree of anger and bitterness in the hearts and souls of eastern youths as they download and forward to each other’s hand held devices, videos of actual shooting and killing of IPOB members in Aba while praying at a school compound, last week.”

According to the IYM, “This video which elicits tears and heartaches is only achieving the very opposite of what the people who ordered the shooting envisaged.”

Founder of the IYM and deputy Secretary, Igbo Leaders of Thought, Evangelist Elliot Uko, raised the alarm in Enugu yesterday.

In a statement entitled, “Chenji and the born to rule syndrome,” Elliot also accused some agents from a section of the country of “ridiculing” and ejecting a globally acclaimed artiste, Onyeka Onwenu from her office.

The statement read: “The forceful and ridiculous ejection of globally respected artiste, Onyeka Onwenu from her office by staffers from a section of the country who openly celebrated her removal, strikes a chord with Nigerians. The belief by this section of Nigeria that they are born to rule others has been given practical force since May 29 2015.

“Their state of mind that Nigeria belongs to them and we have taken back our power, our birth right  is only confirming to all, that the change mantra of 2015 general elections is actually all about returning power to where it should belong.

“Whether this bragging about taking back  our power  is going to unite or divide Nigeria more, will be seen as the weeks roll into months.

“The section of the country who were jubilating and ridiculing Onwenu are probably of the view that Nigeria belongs to their region, it does not matter to them where the oil wells that actually oils Nigeria resides. What a great “Chenji”. Nobody probably told them that Onwenu does not belong to the leeches and parasites who only depend on government patronage to survive.

“She has been a globally recognized icon for more than 35 years.”

On the videos showing the killing of IPOD members, Elliot further stated: “Every student in Eastern Nigeria (millions of them) now has and shares these videos on his or her phone, with pain and anger in their hearts swelling into greater proportions. Only God knows where and what these emotions will lead to. It is quite amazing, that the authorities chose shooting and killing as the only solution to the desire of a large army of young people who say they are tired of the injustices visited on them in Nigeria.

“Numbered in their millions with branches all over the world, these young people believe the Nigerian state hates and despises them.

“It is unbelievable that the same Nigerian state believes that shooting and killing them in cold blood, will make them to suddenly turn around and fall in love and believe once again in Nigeria. If anything, shooting and killing them in cold blood is only confirming to all that they were actually correct in their earlier believe that Nigeria hates them with passion.

“Whoever chose the strategy of shooting and killing unarmed young people who say they want OUT of Nigeria, has only taken the road that will not only embolden the young men but also win them the sympathy of their relations and friends who hitherto were sitting on the fence.

“The blood of the martyrs of Biafra, is only watering and strengthening the struggle for Biafra. Those who chose shooting and killing them in cold blood as the solution, are actually making a terrible mistake.

“The result and the consequences of these heart-breaking videos being shared by millions of young people may take Nigeria by surprise sooner than later.”



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