January 15, 2016

Rights group urges FG to arrest, prosecute alleged sponsors of Boko Haram

Rights group urges FG to arrest, prosecute alleged sponsors of Boko Haram

LAGOS—Human rights group, Youth and Conflict Resolution Initiatives, YCRI, has charged the concerned authorities to arrest and prosecute sponsors of Boko Haram group.


Boko Haram

YCRI in a release by its International Relations, Mr Efemena Agadama, while appreciating the sacrifices of the Nigerian armed forces against the terrorists, said the federal government must not forget that Boko Haram could only be eradicated when the sponsors are identified and legally held accountable for sponsoring the atrocities of the sect.

The statement read in part: “This is acceptably vital in conflict resolution to deter a recurrence as there still remains no statistical or logical explanation on how those Boko Haram fighters alleged to be uneducated and jobless could have amassed those heavy war arsenals and destructive technology to have attacked and seized sizable amount of lands from the Nigerian federation.

“The audacious belief that some powerful individuals and groups can purchase weapons of war for jobless youths and unleash mayhem, destruction and deaths on sleeping communities must stop.”

“We therefore, call on the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the federal government of Nigeria to probe the mass slaughtering of Nigerians since 1999. It’s only this process that can forestall a second Boko Haram uprising somewhere else in Nigeria.  The sponsors must be arrested and prosecuted.”