January 2, 2016

New year eve tragedy: Seven family members die in fire disaster

New year eve tragedy: Seven family members die in fire disaster

•Family buries corpses amid wailing

By Emeka Mamah

The Umu Ojobo Nwonu family in Imufu Enugu- Ezike, Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, began their new year with the mourning of the death of wife and six children of Dominic Onu Ojobo in a fire disaster last Wednesday.

It was said that the family of eight had gone to sleep at about 10 pm on the fateful night, hoping to wake up early the following morning and travel to their village for the New Year celebrations but later perished in a midnight fire which gutted their house at Mararaba, near Abuja.

The remains of the seven members of the family, including those of the wife, Ifeoma and the first daughter, Mesoma, were buried in three separate graves amid wailings and sobbing by relatives and other sympathisers on the New Year eve at their family land in Imufu.

Ifeoma was said to be carrying her last child who was crying at the time they were retiring to bed on her chest when death came calling.

Dominic, head of the family was however, still lying unconscious at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja at the time of filing this report.

A member of the Umu Ojobo Nwonu family, Damian Ojobo, who confirmed the story, described the death of almost the entire members of the family as not only “unprecedented but calamitous.”