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ATM: Alex Ekubo in love tangle with Yvonne Jegede

By Benjamin Njoku

This experience was more pronounced at the set of Lancelot’s ATM, featuring the likes of Francis Get out of Here”star, Odega, Nollywood hunk, Alex Ekubo, Yvonne Jegede, Eleno, and British-born actress, Claire Edun, aka Oyibo Princess.

Claire who is married to a Nigerian is the toast of the movie. She speaks pidgin English like every other native and wouldn’t mind taking you on any tropical issues that has to do with the country.

Alex Ekubo
Alex Ekubo and Claire Edun

But on set, Yvonne Jegede was all over Ekubo who is playing the lead character. One would think, the handsome actor has something to do with her beyond the movie set. Looking tired after hours of being on set, Alex Ekubo described the movie as “witty and loaded with humor.” He’s starring alongside Yvonne Jegede, who happens to be his girlfriend in the movie. He plans to dump her for his UK-born girlfriend, Claire Edun. He has always nursed the ambition of travelling abroad in search of greener pasture, and the only way he can actualize his dream is to fall in love with a white woman. So, when he met Oyibo Princess on Facebook, he was sure that the awaited opportunity has come and he was not ready to gamble with it.

Back in Nigeria, his girlfriend of many years would not succumb to his devilish plans, as he tries as much as possible to convince her, by telling her how both of them would benefit from his plans. But unfortunately, when the Oyibo Princess arrived Nigeria, the story changed. Instead of travelling back to London with her man after their marriage, the white woman insisted that they should settle down in Nigeria, arguing, however, that there are lot of things in the country to make them comfortable than travelling to Europe. On set, the actors were awesome, giving the script their best shots. The combination of comic actor, Francis Odega, Alex Ekubo and Yvonne Jegede gives life to the story.

ATM, according to Lancelot, is an exceptional comedy where we have an infusion of culture and entertainment. “Most of the times, we always see Nigerians wanting to be Europeans or Americans, but in this production, we are going to see a British actress that is purely a Nigerian. Not because she was born or raised in Nigeria but because of her love for the country.”

Lancelot said, he has always enjoyed producing comedy films, adding that ATM would be one of his best films ever. The film would be hitting the cinema on May 6, 2016.


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