The Arts

December 4, 2015

Vivian Timothy paints Africa’s past pains at Augsburg’s African Week

Vivian Timothy paints Africa’s past pains at Augsburg’s African Week

By Ayo Onikoyi

Nigerian Germany based, BEFFTA Award winner Vivian Timothy , known for her series of paintings with heavy African accent  stunned her audience  again   in an ongoing African week in Augsburg with her astounding  and sensational paintings that evoked series of  emotions.

artHer recent winning of BEFFTA Award has brought her closer to international recognition, as her artwork is appreciated more and more everyday. There is a great demand on her paintings by organisations, individuals both in London and in Germany who wish to use her artwork for exhibitions to bring African culture, lifestyles, problems and more to light. Her paintings are getting more and more popular everyday, as she gets better and better.

Wednesday, the 11/11/ 15, at Hollbau , Annahof, Austellungsraum in Augsburg ,   saw this  talented young Artist  display  with the   use  of  colours, brush and canvass ,  the Story of   ” Exploitation in  Africa´s  natural mineral resources, and the slow  development   in Africa.  With her paintings she expressed the pains, her love and her dreams for Africa.

In her creative paintings she compacted and squeezed her pains, disappointment and her expectations on Africa and  calls on African leaders to re-think.

Vivian Displayed her talent, her creative world as she made us see the ills of the past on Africa and her hopes for African using her paintings.She pinned her emotion down with colours as she brought a fantastic world of Africa in focus.