December 25, 2015

Mrs Wada greets Muslims/Christians at Maulud/Christmas celebrations

‎Wife of the state governor,Hajiya Halima Ladi Wada has advised the moslem ummah/Christendom in kogi state to shun all negative tendencies capable of threatening the secular and peaceful co-existence in kogi state.

Hajiya Halima Wada dropped this advice through her media office t‎o mark this year 2015 Maaulud Nabiyi which signifies the commemoration of the birth of prophet Mohammad(Peace be upon him) and the yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ which formed the hallmark of the celebration of christmas.

Mrs Wada stated that this year’s celebration of the birth of the two revered prophets which formed the components of the practice of Islam and Christianity ‎is significant particularly the nearness of the two occasions of our divine role models

She restated the need for the followers and adherents of these two major religions to practise genuinely what our late religious leaders represented and died for,saying the country at this point in time need serious prayers in all ramifications.

She congratulated Kogites for witnessing this great occasion simultaneously urging them to take advantage of the seamless life well spent by the two spiritual leaders to imbibe the spirit of togetherness and forgiveness.

Hajiya Halima wada thanked all and sundry for their greater contributions,support and advice in the last four years of Governor Idris Wada’s administration which reflected the great success achieved in the first tenure of this administration.

Mrs Wada requested for special prayers by Kogites towards ensuring the smooth running of the business of government in the new year,praying for a successful celebration of the yuletide.

Hajiya Wada wishes Kogites many more years of celebrations in an utmost period of equanimity.