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We are yet to see any change, Bucknor-Akerele tells Buhari, APC

Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State and the only female senator in the botched Third Republic, Senator Louisa Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele is not happy with the state of affairs in the country and wants President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to unveil their roadmap for addressing the numerous socio-economic and political challenges the country is facing.

In this interview, she also spoke among others on why the report of the 2014 National Conference must be implemented and how the flickering flames of insecurity could be extinguished.

How do you see the state of the nation now?

I see the nation in a precarious condition right now. It is very precarious because we don’t know where we are going financially.

We don’t know what the programmes of the new government are in any regard whatsoever. We need to know the way forward. There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going to happen next.

What do you think is responsible for that?

The All Progressives Congress (APC) came into power, they wanted power but they had not planned how they were going to use that power when they won the election.

How far do you think the president has gone in his change agenda after five months?

I don’t see any improvement at all. In fact, the insecurity situation is worsening. The unemployment situation is worsening. One soft drink company recently laid off about 200 people and many companies are laying off people. So I don’t see how he is tackling unemployment. And he has not given us a blueprint on how he is going to tackle unemployment.

So, I don’t see any changes. In fact, I think things are getting worse and I think this is because there is lack of a blueprint for governance.

What about improvements on power supply?

There is no improvement whatsoever. I have not seen it here. Right now, we are on generator, we have not had light since Friday. I was away for three weeks, and the whole of the three weeks my staff were calling me to say that they have not had light, the light did not blink once. Now, I am back, it came for two or three days and now it is off again. So, I don’t know where the improvement is. I travel very often.

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