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November 1, 2015

I had to quit my job to do music — Doxy

Budding Nigerian rapper, Dolapo Oyatomi a.k.a Doxy is no doubt a talent to watch out for in the music industry.   The Computer Engineering graduate of Covenant University is a youngster who has been taking giant steps towards making his mark in the music world. He started out about six years ago and has since recorded songs like Road Block, My Baby and lot’s more. In this interview, he reveals his celebrity crush, why he believes in free- styling, the mistake upcoming artistes make and many more.

doxyBy Kehinde Ajose

How did you start out in music?

I am Dolapo Oyatomi. Doxy is my stage name. I started eight years ago, but took it professional six years ago. The journey hasn’t been easy. Every upcoming artiste has promotion issues to deal with. You can’t just sing and expect manna to fall from heaven . One needs finance for promotion in order to be heard. That’s how I started.


Do you write your songs or you believe in doing more of freestyles?

What I do when I get to the studio is really more of freestyles. I don’t write my songs. I do the recording, then I listen to what I have done and from there it is mastered.


Don’t you think this is killing the act of songwriting?

The writing for me comes after I have listened to the freestyle. I will then start adding and subtracting some parts by writing and rewriting. After that, I try to internalize the lyrics so as to get it right whenever I’m performing.


Do you rap in Yoruba?

I don’t really rap in Yoruba, but with the new trend in the music industry, one has to go with the flow. In my new song, Road Block, I had to rap in Yoruba. It took me two weeks to write the Yoruba part of the song.

How do you finance your music?

Right now I go for shows and it’s been paying my bills.

How would you describe your kind of music?

My music is a blend of hip-hop and RnB. It depends on my mood. Whenever I am less busy, all I do is just rap.


Are you signed to a label?

No, I am not signed to a label. I do everything basically on my own. I thank God for my parents and my family. I thank God for their support because they have really been helpful to my career


What is the biggest price you have paid for your music career?

I was working in an organization as an I.T officer. I worked there for a while. In December of that year, I had to leave the place because it didn’t give me time to focus on my music. I didn’t inform my dad and   my co-workers. I didn’t tell anyone. If I had told my dad, he would have told me to continue working there. The whole thing was just difficult and I couldn’t combine music and my job. So I decided to take the risk.


Your dad supports your music, but still wants you to keep a job?

He actually wanted me to do the normal office job. I explained to him that music is what I love, but he disagreed. At a point my mum told some of her friends to help me in getting a job. If I work, I won’t have time for the music.  I can’t keep asking for permission at work to go for shows every now and again. There was a scenario that happened when Cool Fm invited me for an interview. I told my boss at work then, but he prevented me from going. So I decided to choose between my job and pursuing my passion for music.


What will you regard as the costly mistake artistes make in the pursuit of their music careers?

A lot of fake promoters are out there who promise to do promotional jobs for artistes, but they don’t get to fulfill their promises. Most times, when artistes see pictures of these promoters with celebs, they tend to believe them without finding out if they are genuine or not. I have been a victim of that. Artistes need to find out who the real promoter is. If music is what you love, you have to strive to make a success out of it every day.


What will you regard as the highpoint of your career so far?

The high point will be the deal I am about to sign with a popular record label. I am not allowed to reveal it now till it happens.


Which artistes inspire you?

The likes of Davido, M.I, Vector and Phyno inspire me


Who is that one female artiste you have a crush on?

I will pick Eva. I love the way she raps. I will love to work with her


What are the challenges of being an artiste?

As an artiste, you have no choice but to always look good and be nice to people.


Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am in a relationship and she understands that I am an artiste. She doesn’t complain because she knows I am doing my job.


Have you had any weird experience with a female fan?

I have not had any weird one for now. The ones I encounter just disturb me from time to time.


Have you had any flop during a performance?

Yes, it happened during an event I was invited to perform in. My song refused to play and the organizers had to move on to the next agenda planned for the event.


What is that one thing people hardly know about you?

It’s been said that it’s until you work with a person that you get to know that person’s true character. I am a nice and cool person. I will also be starting my own foundation very soon. It’s called Foundation of Oyatomi Dolapo (F.O.O.D). It’s all about reaching out to the less privileged.


Has there ever been a time you wanted to give up on music?

There was a time I wasn’t getting the support I needed for my music. I sent a lot of mails and didn’t get any response. I was frustrated then and even thought about doing some crazy things. The experience made me work more on my relationship with God.

How far do you see yourself going in music?

I see myself accomplishing great things. My songs are now being played in South Africa and in the U.S. They are also being played in some other African countries. The comments have been encouraging so far.

Which Nigerian artiste will you love to feature in a song?

I will love to work with M.I. He takes music so serious, like it’s food he needs to eat to live. M.I is music and music is M.I. I listen to his songs and I see that he has a passion for his craft. He is someone I look forward to working with.


Do you have any final words for your fans?

Without my fans, there will be no Doxy. Thank you for your support always. Never   give up on what you are doing and trust in God..