Dear Bunmi,

Some months back, I gave my boyfriend oral sex when I had a cold sore on my lip. Later, he got a sore on his genitals.


Now I think he may have passed the cold sore back to me as I’m itchy ‘down there’. This has got me really worried. What do you think I should do?  Iyesogie
by e-mail.

Dear Iyesogie,
From what you described, you both almost certainly have the herpes virus. It is very common, and can cause sores on the face and genitals. If a person has a cold sore on their lips, oral sex is a way to pass it on to another person’s genitals. On the other hand, if you already had the herpes virus, your boyfriend couldn’t have passed it back to you. Once it’s in your system, you have it for life.

You can get medication for the symptoms from either your doctor or at any health centre near you. In the meantime, use condoms with a new partner to avoid passing on the virus.


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