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DPA takes “end sexual harassment and bribery in Nigerian colleges” campaign to Kwara

Texas, United States – The Dream Project for Africa [DPA] (formally known as African Democratic Dreams Project [ADDP]) has concluded plans to hold Phase II of the “End Sexual Harassment and Bribery in Nigerian Colleges” [ESHBNC] on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at the New Science Lecture Theater, University of Ilorin, Kwara State. The conference will commence by 10:00am.

According to a statement by Nelson, Oluwabukola Michael, the CEO/Founder of the group, DPA’s second annual conference will be attended by over 500 participants from Africa. The goal of the conference is to invest the ideals of democratic rights and constitutional education in students, youths and families who attend. It is believed that the participants would then spread the ideals learnt to others in the society.

“In Phase I of the campaign, which featured a conference held at the University of Lagos, Akoka on Saturday, August 29, 2015, DPA focused on creating targeted awareness about the scourge of Rape and Bribery in Nigerian Colleges. In Phase II, DPA is focusing on defining solutions to the issues identified in the research conducted in Phase I. A greater goal in Phase II is to ensure that the federal, state and local governments join in the efforts to create a system that would ensure practical zero tolerance of sexual harassment, rape and bribery on Nigerian campuses”

“Specifically, DPA intends to influence the government to (1) adopt the application of punishment afforded by the constitution to any academic or administrative staff, or student found guilty of the offenses of sexual harassment, rape or bribery. Punishment jail term and fines; (2) create a criminal records management database that students all over the country can unanimously enter data related to sex predators and bribe enforcers/collectors in their campuses. This database will be shared with security agencies that could take on the reported cases and prosecute offenders accordingly; (3) create a nationally available toll free hot lines that students or members of the public can call into to report cases of rape and bribery and receive immediate response an action; (4) publicize all cases reported to discourage such acts in Nigerian Colleges,”  the statement reads.


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