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Our culture limits how far we can go on set – Pascahline Alex

By Ayo Onikoyi

Blossoming Nollywood actress, Paschaline Alex is on her way to the big times. With some blockbusters in her kitty she is indeed an ace to make a number of her peers look like pack of cards on the rack. What more, she takes on any role that comes her way with the passionate belief that an actor should be able to get into any character.

Pacaline-Alex“I don’t think I’ve seen that thing that I can’t do as far as it’s what I love doing. Whatever they tell me to do and I know it’s okay with me, I will do it. Though nobody would force you to play any role you don’t want but I’ve not seen that role I can’t do” she once told me boldly in chat.

But in this clime and various beliefs breathing down one’s neck, Alex concur there are barriers being put up especially by our tradition and cultures.

“We, Nigerians criticise a lot. This is our career; I’ll call it a job now. It’s our career and it’s our job to make people happy, to make people cry, to make people angry, but our culture has made it so hard to do some things to get the job done.

When it comes to going nude, they believe the girl is promiscuous forgetting this thing we do is a job that must be done. It is not different from a banker trying to make their customers happy. So many stars have been affected badly by this culture thing. Some wouldn’t even go on set to kiss, giving all sorts of reasons. People must understand that this is a make-believe job where you have to get into all sorts of characters to deliver a role and make people truly enjoy the movie like it is the real thing” she said mournfully.





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