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‘Love-making with my husband no longer turns me on’


Dear Bunmi,

I’m married to my childhood sweetheart. We lived together for a few years then got married three years ago. He’s a lovely and responsible man and I’m lucky to have him. We have a great relationship, apart from the physical side. His love-making no longer turns me on as it used to.


I’ve never considered cheating on him though lately, I’ve told myself that if the chance arose, I might just go for it.

I love my husband very much and we have a cute one-year-old son. He’s very extroverted and I’m sure he’ll be terribly hurt if this marriage breaks so would I. Is there any way out of this.

Mabel, by e-mail

Dear Mabel,

Your even considering sleeping with another man at this early stage of your marriage shows a catastrophic rift in your relationship with a husband you’re supposed to be in love with. You must move carefully so as not to give wrong signal to your husband who might sense your discontent. Your marriage obviously means a lot to both of you and you had a fulfilling sexual relationship once. So what went wrong? You need to have a serious discussion with your husband. Sex is a very important part of married life. Tell him how

to please you, and if possible, take the initiative. He is your better half and you shouldn’t have secrets from him. There is also your son to think about. Marriage is not the wild bed of passion we all take it to be. Resentments occur once in a while and you should resolve  them; not rush into the arms of another man! A good marriage, such as you have, is worth  fighting for.

Mabel, by e-mail


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