October 30, 2015

#KenyansVsNigerians in funny midnight Twitter war

#KenyansVsNigerians in funny midnight Twitter war

On Thursday night, when men were asleep, Nigerians and Kenyans engaged in a hilarious war of memes on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, which lasted several hours into Friday morning.

The funny memes reminds one of the explanation of the famous parable of the sower which says in part that, “one night, when everyone was asleep, an enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away” (Matthew 13:25).

However, while a cross section of Nigerians and Kenyans, took the memes as hilarious and worth a comic relief from the day’s stress, others waved it as unnecessary banters, capable of stirring a load of internalized racism and offensive stereotypes.

See funny memes below: