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President Buhari’s 100 days in office: Nigerians react

By Agaju Madugba, Juliet Ebirim And Aderonke Adeyeri

His rule doesn’t reflect true federalism — Leonard Chukwuma, Businessman

From my point of view, it has been arguably courageous. Arguable in the sense that, his way of doing things since he assumed office doesn’t seem to be 100% in line with true federalism, which has earned him titles like “ King of the North, President of the Northern Nigeria” etc. But courageous, in the sense that it takes a living fish to swim in the opposite direction of ocean waves.


He appears to be in the league of the Radical Political Missionaries – those who oppose the wish of the corrupt and average mind just to get the job done. And if his administration succeeds in that direction, he would have written his name in gold.

Nigeria is better off right now, but … — Chukuneke Ozidaniels, Event Planner/MC

The country seems to be set on a right path to flourishing but it’s been a really sectional and tribalized government. That’s how I see it for now. From the look of things so far, public officers are stealing with caution at least, the sabotage on power is reducing, security is progressively getting restored..

.Some might argue that it’s all a grand scheme but if that secures us, then why not. The country’s better off as we speak. But looking forward with this sort of sectional leadership, I can’t say…

He hasn’t recorded any breakthrough – Owen Egade, Civil Servant

I score him 0%, he hasn’t done anything. It’s only APC members who would say things have improved, although everyone is entitled to their opinion. In my place of residence in Delta State, there hasn’t been power for the past four days.

He can stimulate lasting change

— Austin Emeka Aniekie

It’s too early to judge. People are scared for their jobs that is why power supply improved. Let’s wait until he appoint his cabinet members. He can’t do it alone. It must be by hard work involving both the leaders and the citizenry. But what we have witnessed so far, especially in the power sector, suggests that, as a leader, President Buhari has the force of personality necessary to stimulate lasting change,

There’s a huge improvement in the power sector -Becky Williams, Banker

Buhari’s personality has inspired a new way of doing things in the power sector, where the fear of the consequences of under-productivity has become the beginning of wisdom. NEPA officials now realise that only doing one’s job well can justify one’s desire to keep it. Also, the improvement being witnessed in the power sector goes to show that the style and personality of a leader can make a lot of difference in a nation’s fortunes.

He is organising his cabinet — Abiodun Oyenekan, entrepreneur

I am yet to feel the wind of change in the country. Nevertheless, the power sector has improved tremendously in the past few months. I guess he is trying to organise his cabinet and once that is achieved, Nigeria will enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Buhari needs more time Abdulhazeez Abojututu, clergy

The President is on the right track. But he has to be cautious because some politicians around him are actually enemies of change. Nigerians should intensify their prayers. The government needs more time before we can dissect his administration. We will begin to feel the effects of his ability soon. The probing of past administration is also necessary, it will serve as a deterrent to others.

He would perform better —Akeem Akorede, clergy

Buhari’s administration is different from the past government in many ramifications. Our dead refineries have been resurrected. He his also trying to get our money back from looters. I voted for him because he has been tested and trusted. He would perform better when he listens to the voice of the common man and not the sycophants around him.

I give him a pass mark Rebecca Olowolagba, a graduate

There are things he has to put in place. It will take time to rebuild an economy like ours. He can’t achieve much in 100days. I give him a pass mark.

Mr President is not a magician —  Michael Okafor, business man

The President should be applauded for his achievement in the last 100days. Some think that probing past administrations is slowing him down but I feel that shows his interest in accountability. Hardly can any politician in Nigeria beat his pace. He is not a magician, Nigerians take note. Though he is yet to fulfill some of his promises

Mr Samson Ademola , business contractor

The President has done a great job in his 100 days in office. The power sector has ceased to be epileptic, our civil service has improved , military agencies are on stand by. The agricultural sector needs to be visited. He should allow importation of some food items like rice, groundnut oil to eradicate monopoly in the sector of the economy.

Alhaji Hassan Ibrahim (Community leader)

I think the most visible impact this government has had on the people within the past 100 days is on the area of electricity which has improved   tremendously. Hitherto, people were used to staying in darkness for days and months but right now, it seems that era has gone.

Since the   beginning of this administration, there is also this confidence on the part of the people, with some measures already put in place by government that there will soon be an improvement in the economic fortunes of government and Nigerians in general. With government’s determination to combat   corruption, I believe it is going to impact on the people positively.

On the issue of the fight against Boko Haram, I also commend the government, with the direct involvement of the Service Chiefs in fighting the insurgents.   Before now, the Service Chiefs were far away from the from the fields of operation but now, from what we hear, even the Chief of Air Staff operates one of the fighter jets. The Army Chief too is also at the war front, leading the troops.

This has debunked the earlier held notion that there is hypocrisy surrounding the fight, on the part of the military commanders. During the pervious administration, some suggested that government has a hand in Boko Haram. But one area that does not seem to go down well with the people is issue of government appointments because for now, it is quite clear that there is imbalance in the appointments which appear to favour a section of the country, the north and the north east to be   specific.

Although   government has put up a defence but it is belated because for the remaining ministerial positions, constitutionally, every state of the federation is expected to produce at least a minister. Government’s claim that it is going to correct the imbalance in appointments does not hold water because the damage has already been done.

However, government can correct the situation by approving massive   infrastructural development for the south east so that the people from that area of the country will be happy and forget the issue of being sidelined in appointments.

Emeka Okeiyi (Business man)

There has been great improvement in electricity since the coming of this administration. At least, I can say that for the Kigo road area of Kaduna where I live. Fuel has also become available everywhere now. But in terms of unemployment, there is no   significant improvement and if you also look at the area of payment of civil servants, most of them have not received their salaries for the past two months and this is not good for the families concerned.

Also within the past few months, the level of poverty seems to have increased if you consider that many families cannot afford to feed. Government should take measures to provide employment for the teeming youth population who have no jobs. And, within this period too, the security level has improved,   at least in Kaduna state.

Christopher Onochie  (Youth for Agriculture, Kaduna state).

I think the Federal Government has done a lot within the past 100 days that it has been in office and it should keep the flag flying. For the unemployed youth, they should be patient because from all indications, government has robust plans for them. This is because I am aware that the Federal Government has invested so much in agriculture within these few months and if all the projects are implemented as planned, there is going to be enormous benefits for the people especially the youth.



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