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Going bald? Have a scalp tattoo, or hair transplant

It’s been called our crowning glory, a symbol of youth, and in some cultures it even represents fertility. For men and women all around the world, it’s also an expression of beauty, confidence, and personal style. I’m talking about the hair.


For a growing number of people, hair loss is a life-long challenge. Hair loss not only robs a man or woman of his/her sense of style.
Whether hair loss is the result of the aging process, hair damage, trauma, illness, or a genetic form of balding known as male or female pattern hair loss, the good news is there are a variety of medical and natural treatments that can help.

For many people, hair loss equates to loss of self-esteem. And that could be as damaging physically as it is psychologically.
But as the first hair transplant and restoration clinic opens in Lagos, Nigerians with the challenge of hair loss can begin to heave a sigh of relief as access to this and other procedures are now on hand.

Ayo Otubanjo, CEO Vinci Hair Clinic Nigeria, the global hair restoration outfit that is providing solutions in hair restoration, said the clinic was established in Nigeria to give more people the opportunity to restore their hair whilst spending less.

The clinic provides surgical and non surgical medical hair restoration solutions for both men and women to help prevent further hair loss, to fill in thinning areas, such as the mama eko syndrome, and to cover up receding hairlines and balding crowns.

“In the past, Nigerians had to travel abroad to Western Europe, USA or Dubai which resulted in them spending up to three times the amount it costs to have it done here. Hair experts at the new hair clinic can achieve the same result, with the after-care available close to home.

Micro Scalp Pigmentation

This innovative procedure, also known as MSP or Scalp Tattoo, is a non-invasive, non-medicated and non-surgical way of creating the look of a shaved head of hair. This ground- breaking treatment can also be used to add visual density to thinning hair for men and women, as well as alopecia (hair loss) sufferers.

MSP gives the appearance of some hair and approximation of a hairline, without actually having real hair present. It can also be used to camouflage transplant scars or to shade small areas where hair is thinning to make hair appear denser.

Hair transplant

A surgical procedure that moves permanent hair from the back of the scalp to balding or thinning area where it will grow permanently. There are two types—Follicular Unit Transplantation, FUT, is carried out under local anesthetics. Hair is removed from the back of the head and dissected into grafts and inserted into the recipient site. It is great for covering large bald areas in a fast and effective way.

Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE—Uses the latest technology to extract individual hairs from the donor area to be carefully placed and planted into the recipient area.

The relocated follicles keep growing naturally. It leaves almost no scarring, giving clients the confidence to wear hair in a short style.
Vinci Hair Clinic will be at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference on October 7th-9th 2015 at Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotel. It is also organising class topics on: Male and female hair loss (baldness): the causes and solutions available” and “Traction alopecia (hair loss) in Nigerian women: warning signs and growing your hair back”. For further information visit


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