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Council of chiefs re-affirms sanctity of Wilson Eboh’s Ototaship, regency

* Ask Police to probe alleged burglary at Eboh’s Warri office

WARRI—THE Traditional Council of Chiefs of Okere Urhobo Kingdom in Warri, Delta State, has re-affirmed the sanctity of the Ototaship and regency of Chief Wilson Eboh.

File photo: South-South-chiefs

It also called on the Police to investigate alleged burglary in the office of Chief Eboh along Okumagba Avenue Road, Warri.

The council in a statement signed by the Egbe of Okere Urhobo Kingdom, Chief Paul Okumagba, and two others, was reacting to a press conference addressed by Chief Gideon Okumagba and others, which sought to disrespect the authority of the regent and Okere Urhobo Kingdom.

The statement read: ‘’We have read with dismay the above report published in the Guaradian Newspaper of September 1, 2015, and Fresh Angle Newspaper online version. The said report which emanated from a mischievous press conference held by Chief Gideon Okumagba and his likes in a room in Palmgrove Hotel, Warri, was aimed at dragging the name of our respected Regent/Otota in the mud is borne out of hatred and jealousy.

“We would have ignored the said report but for the deliberate falsehood contained in it, having known the antecedents of Chief Gideon Okumagba, Mr. John Edgar Eranvor who claimed to be prince, all of a sudden, and Chief Victor Okumagba’s lack of respect for constituted authority of the kingdom and also to correct the errorneous impressions created by the misleading report for the benefit of the reading public.

“We wish to reiterate that Chief Gideon Okumagba, Chief Victor Okumagba and Chief Eseoghene Eshatomi are not chiefs of Okere Urhobo Kingdom and as such, cannot attend the meetings of the Traditional Council of Chiefs of the kingdom meant exclusively for chiefs of Okere Urhobo Kingdom for them to know the inner workings of the council.

“It is our belief that since they have chosen to disrespect constituted authority of the kingdom, they do not want to be led but they want to lead others, hence their false claim of being representatives of ruling houses when, in fact, they only represent themselves and no one else as they have always done.

“We consider their attack on the person of the Regent/Otota, Chief Wilson Eboh, as an act of brigandage, disrespect and over-reaching the yet-to-be heard case by them.

“It is untrue that the Regent/Otota is parading himself with false toga when they have, in fact, served under him in different committees/capacities of the kingdom as indigenes by virtue of his vintage position as the Regent/Otota.

“The fact remains that Chief Wilson Eboh is the Regent in the absence of an Orosuen (king) by virtue of his position as the Otota (Traditional Prime Minister) of Okere Urhobo Kingdom.”

“The decision to arrest Chief Kesiena Okumagba for falsely declaraing himself as the Orosuen was at a Traditional Council meeting and as such, not a personal decision of the Regent/Otota. In all, the attack on the Regent/Otota is unwarranted.

“We also wish to emphasise that the police is vested with the constitutional authority to investigate crime when they are either brought to their attention or discovered and conduct investigations into such crimes

“We advise Chief Gideon Okumagba and his likes to stop this campaign to smear the name of our respected Regent/Otota and focus their attention on the things that will bring about the development of the kingdom, rather than tearing the kingdom apart, with a bid to make selfish gains.

“It is our further advice that Chief Gideon Okumagba and his likes should wait for the conclusion of the matter they took to court rather than dissipating energy in calling press conferences in hotel rooms as cases are not won on the pages of newspapers.’’


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