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September 8, 2015

Cinema goers at Silverbird prefer foreign movies

Cinema goers at Silverbird prefer foreign movies

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Abuja – Some cinema goers at Silverbird Cinema Abuja, on Tuesday said they preferred foreign movies to Nigerian movies because of their rich contents and picture quality.

The cinema goers who spoke said that foreign movies were not just rich in content, but they were more entertaining.
Miss Christina Edubi, a student at Central University, Ghana told NAN that she enjoyed watching foreign films.

“Last week I was here to watch ‘Pixels’ which I really enjoyed and today I’m here to watch again ‘Dragon Blade’.
“Foreign movies are entertaining and educative to me, I learn so much from them. They also have nice picture quality.

“It is not easy to predict how a foreign movie will end unlike Nigerian movies, always the same storyline and different actors,’’ she said.
Mr Michael Ojonugwa, an Intern at Metro Plaza Abuja, said that both foreign and Nigerian movies “are good and watchable’’.

“For Nigerian movies, I prefer comedies because of the fun I derive from it and for the foreign ones, I can watch anyone,’’ he said.
However, a staff at Silverbird Cinemas, Mr Haruna Sani said that foreign movies were mostly shown because they attracted more customers.

“In a month, we can show like eight to 12 of them but Nigerian movies are rarely shown, we may just show like one or two.
“The one that is presently showing is ‘Dragon Blade’ (foreign movie) and people are really watching it. At times we use three halls to show a foreign film unlike Nigerian movies that we have fewer customers. Like ‘One Fine Day’ (Nigerian film) we got only four customers.

Sanni said that new movies usually came in every Friday and they start showing them from Monday.
“There are some Nigerian movies that people like watching like comedies and if the actors in the film are popular.

“The ‘Thirty Days in Atlanta’ by A.Y. and Ramsey Noah that was shown early this year was widely watched, since then we’ve not had any Nigerian movie that bring customers like that.

“The number of films that are shown depends on the numbers we receive. We use different halls for different movies but when we have a particular movie that thrills customers, we use as many halls that can accommodate them.

“Previous movies are shown when we don’t receive any new one.

“There are some movies we don’t show probably because of its content, like ‘Addicted’. It wasn’t approved by the manager after seeing it and we couldn’t show it to the public,“ he said.