August 25, 2015

I beat my wife for refusing sex, man tells court

I beat my wife for refusing sex, man tells court

By Bartholomew Madukwe

A 40-year-old man, Salau Kehinde, has told a Customary Court in Ikorodu, Lagos, that he physically abused his wife, Shakirat, 32, whenever she refuses to have sex with him, but that he had no intention of bathing her in hot water.

Shakirat had approached the court seeking for dissolution of their 10-year old marriage, blessed with two children.

According to her, “he would beat me whenever I returned from work. He would beat me when I told him I was too tired to have sex, or for any flimsy excuse. I want this court to dissolve our marriage and grant me custody of our children.”

Reacting to the wife’s allegation, Kehinde, who resides at 9, Fatai Oloko Street, Haruna, Ikorodu, assented to the claim that he used to beat her whenever she denied him sex and if she came home late from her trading business.

“I merely boiled the water so I could threaten her with it. I had no intention of bathing her in the water.

“She refuses to cook for me when she is pregnant. She also said I should look for another wife.”

Kehinde promised to stop beating or threatening his wife, adding that he was willing to take her back if she wants to stay with him.

The Court President, Olu Adebiyi, adjourned the matter to September 13 for possible reconciliation.