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Plumber plunges to death from scaffolding, a week to 50th birthday

By Evelyn Usman

The family of Ojanehin was looking forward with great expectations to July20, 2015. It ought to be a day of celebration because its bread winner, Kehinde Oluwanisola Ojanehin, was born same day, five decades ago in his Ilaje village, Ondo state.

In preparation, they bought two chickens which they started rearing six months ago, with the hope of using them to celebrate Kehinde’s 50th birthday. But alas! This is never to be. Rather than the much anticipated celebration, fate has dealt the family with an uncanny blow, just a week to the celebration. But the man died.

Kehinde , as he was popularly known, was a plumber. He reportedly left his Isheri Oshun abode in Lagos, last Saturday, to work for a customer in Ejigbo area., Lagos. Unfortunately, while washing the tanker hung on a scaffolding, he reportedly lost balance and fell, landing his head on the concrete ground. He was rushed to the Isolo General hospital, where doctors battled in vain to resuscitate him.

Late Kehinde Ojenehin
Late Kehinde Ojenehin

Meanwhile, his wife, Mrs Alaba Ojanehin, who was awaiting his arrival,without the slightest inkling of doom, was reportedly getting agitated owing to his seeming delay. This was because she had prepared eba, while waiting for her husband who had promised to return early with the ingredients for soup. Then, the screeching tyres of a motorbike was heard outside. Apparently thinking it was her husband, Mrs Ojanehin, told one of her children to go and collect the bag from him. But before the child could step outside, the passengers on the motorbike entered . They turned out to be members of Four Square Gospel Church, Jakande branch, where the Ojanehins worship.

The visitors were said to have cajoled the woman into following them to her sister’s place where the news of her husband’s demise was broken. To say she was amazed is to say the least.

On hearing the news, she reportedly sat transfixed , staring into the air , obviously finding it difficult to fathom the reality of what she has just heard.

My sad story

When Crime Guard visited her abode, Mrs Ojanehin was sighted sleeping on the couch . But on seeing this reporter , she stood up and offered a space close to her . She began her story with tears. “We never envisaged this kind of tragedy would befall us. My husband left home that fateful morning at about 7am, promising to come back. But he never did. The most painful aspect is that he would have been 50 years next week. We were planning for the celebration. He promised to make the celebration low key, with members of his family. He had boasted in his characteristic manner that we would all enjoy that today. He planned celebrating it here (pointing to the sitting room). He said he would be the one to kill the fowls we have been rearing towards the celebration, unknown to us that he would not live.

“On that fateful day, he left the house at about 7am, after our morning devotion . He said he would buy ingredients to cook soup on his way back. He usually came back around 5am. At his usual time of arrival, the children went outside to wait for him . At the sound of a motorbike, they rushed outside thinking he was the one, until some leaders in my church came . They informed me that my husband was involved in an accident and took me to my sister’s place where they dropped the bombshell.”

Where do I start from

At this point, she paused , looked round and beckoned on her last child, Samuel, who was playing without the slightest knowledge of what has happened. When Samuel came to her, she cuddled him and continued: “I do not know where to begin from. This tragedy has plunged us into sorrow. It has also saddled me with the responsibility of taking care of four children alone, a task that we were barely managing as a couple. Our first child, Daniel, 13, is in Junior Secondary School 2. Tobi is our second child, he is 11 and in JSS 1. Victor 9, is in primary 3 while Samuel 5, is in nursery 1.

They are all in private schools and my husband did all he could to ensure that he did not default in their school fees. He paid a total of N60,000 as school fees for four of them. But now that he is no more, I do not know where to start from”, lamented the widow who works as typist in her church.

She described her husband as an easy -going man stressing that she would forever miss him in all ramification. “ My husband was a loving man. He was kind and prayerful. These were some of the attributes I saw in him that made me marry him. I married him as a plumber in 2001.”

At this point, sympathisers interrupted, by consoling her and giving her words of encouragement.

Among them were members of the widow’s family and her church members.

One of them, Mr Adewale Adeagbo, who is the President , Council of Four Square Men ,CFM, said the church would also miss the late Kehinde. He said : “He will be remembered for his special way of clapping, which was different from other worshippers. He was very prayerful and an active member.”

The incident, as gathered, was reported at the Ejigbo Police division.



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