July 25, 2015

New Hollywood-Nollywood movie ‘Tempting Fate’ goes to cinema

New Hollywood-Nollywood movie ‘Tempting Fate’  goes to cinema



It was glitz and glamour at its best, penultimate Friday, at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos, when Nollywood met Hollywood in a new flick, titled Tempting Fate.

Directed by Kelvin Nwankwor, the flick revolves around two brothers who chose to live two opposite lifestyles. Ugo (Ramsey Noah) gets involved in armed robbery and drug trafficking just to raise money to save his kid brother, Edu (Andrew Onochie, who is making his first film appearance alongside an American cast), who suffers from a kidney-related disease.

Edu is eventually arrested in possession of drugs and a gun which belongs to Ugo, his elder brother. While Edu was in jail for 3 years, Ugo impregnated his fiancee, Tracy (Tiffany-Denise Turner, and the lady eloped with the new baby. What is portrayed through each of the brother’s actions and the story line is something every viewer can relate to.

It is packed with intrigue and action. Directed by Kevin Nkem Nwankwor and produced by KevStel Group Production, other stars in the action film include Dan Davies, John J Vogel, Kimberly Kral among others. Describing his hope for the reception of the movie in Nigeria, Kevin said he worked towards creating an enormously powerful, entertaining, and uplifting film. “Telling a unique story in an emotional and captivating way, ‘Tempting Fate’ like the best fate-based movies, is about more than just entertainment, and we believe it will really strike a chord with movie-goers this July,” he said.