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I see myself as the next Rita Dominic of this generation – Kasi Benjamin

By Damilola Sholola & Aderonke Adeyeri

Kasi Benjamin
Kasi Benjamin

How did your journey into the world of acting begin?

I have always wanted to be an actress. I read Theatre Arts at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. After graduation, I worked briefly with Know Magazine in Enugu before joining the industry. I obtained Actors Guild of Nigeria membership form, after which I became a registered member of the guild. It has not been easy but we’re pushing it.

How has the experience been so far?

You know, the industry is highly competitive and everyone particularly the actresses are doing everything to outshine  one another. But I don’t think I’m in for that.

What stands you out among your colleagues?

I am not like every other actress. Most of these actresses are desperate to hit the top and sometimes, they meet challenges along the line.

How many films have you featured in so far?

I have featured in two Igbo soap operas, but they are yet to hit the silver screen. I have also featured in two films.

What role did you play in one of your films, Father?

I played the role of a bad girl who was sent to seduce a Reverend Father. But when she failed to accomplish her mission, she ended up killing the Rev. father

Which one  pays your bill, movies or soap operas?

I think featuring in films pay my bill.

As an actress, where do you see yourself in the next  four years?

I see myself as the next Rita Dominic of this generation.

But Rita Dominic has played some controversial roles in movies?

I can also play controversial roles in movies.

Are you not thinking of getting married now?

I don’t think I’m interested in that for now

But are you currently in a relationship?

For now,  it’s my career first. But it doesn’t mean that if the right man comes my way, I wouldn’t welcome him in my life. It’s just that  I have not found my dream man.

Meaning that you are single and searching?

On the contrary, I am single but not searching.

Do you think your choice of career may serve as a  hindrance to meeting your dream man?

Not at all. My dream man will definitely show up some day, regardless of the role I play in a movie. In terms of the qualities, I look out for in a man, he must be handsome, kind-hearted, caring and supportive

How was growing up like for you?

I hail from Imo State but I was born and raised in the North. I’m the third child in a family of five;  four boys and one girl. My dad was a military officer. Growing up in the North was like being in hell. Fighting and civil disturbance every now and then. This month, we are in school, and the next one, we are out of school, owing to prevailing crisis in the region.

What was your worst experience growing up in the north?

That was in 2011. It was a very terrible one. The government had imposed a dusk to dawn curfew that lasted for one month. During this period, people were hungry and started killing animals to eat in order to stay alive. It was a very bad experience.

What are you willing to do as an actress?

I don’t really know what sells; I can’t tell you that this is what will bring me to the limelight. But if I’m invited to star in a movie, I’d wish that the role will be a challenging one. I want a more challenging role that will inspire me to do crazy things, but not going nude.

Can you wear a bikini?

That’s not nude. I wear bikini when I’m going to the beach

Who is Kasi Benjamin off camera?

Kasi is a very a nice girl, loving and jovial. She likes to be herself and she respects the feelings of other people.

What accessories can you never be found without?

I can’t go out without my make up. My makeup comes first. For jewelries, I’m not really crazy about wearing jewelries.

What is your philosophy about life?

Be faithful to yourself and to God, be hardworking and courageous, believing that one day you’ll get to your destination.

Did your parents oppose your decision to go into acting?

My mom wanted me to read science but as time went on, I switched to Theatre Arts.

I was studying Biochemistry before I later switched to Theatre Arts. My mom really wanted me to study a science course and when I switched to Theatre Arts, she was mad at me. However, as time went on, she started supporting me.

Any regrets?

No regrets because my mom loves it. She likes what I am doing at the moment.



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