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Music is my life — STUDiO, afro reggae artist

STUDiO is a fast rising contemporary urban afro reggae artist who has collaborated with numerous Nigerian and foreign artistes including Grammy award nominee and STELLAR award winner & American artiste Da’T.R.U.T.H.

My birth names are Jebose Ijeih. I’m from Delta state. Partly Ogun state. So I like to refer to myself as a halfcast.
My genre of music is Raggae/dancehall with an afropop fusion.
And I love music.. music is my life. And It is practically the only thing I enjoy doing.



My musical career officially started 5 years ago. I started off with lots of featuring- being on other people’s songs and building my skill while at it. The likes of Samklef, Simi, Qbitzz, Dipp, Bouqui, Vc perez and all really helped me sharpen my craft to a certain height.

Then we released my debut single 24seven sometime 2014 with a lovely video also. And we got very good remarks. The acceptance was crazy.

Just released a new single T.I.P (Take It Personal) some days ago and it has been WOW! Like we got about three thousand downloads from online in just a few hours after the release. I was humbled. So that’s where we are right now..and we are loving.  I say ‘we’ because I don’t work alone. I work with my team- the Light Music Empire (L.M.E).


Hmm.. I am very optimistic about where I am headed. I mean I have got a great start and that has in a way made it very vivid. And I appreciate all my fans and everyone who has commented, listened, played and enjoyed my music. Y’all are the best. My expectations are much… I expect nothing else but a successful thrive in my career.. making hits upon hits, topping charts, having lots of international collabos, with my shelve filled with awards plaques and endorsements. Most importantly, I will always want to make people happy because that is the main essence of what I do- to bless people and fill their hearts with joy.


I guess we all have one challenge or the other when we decide to follow up on our dreams huh…
Challenges I’ve gone through have in many ways made me even stronger and better. Like growing up, when I decided I wanted to do music, lots of people told me I wont thrive because I used to stutter alot. That almost messed up my self esteem but hey, here I am still doing what I enjoy. Hahahaha.
The ultimate challenge that new acts face most times is having enough funds to push their career forward and also the proper musical platforms to showcase themselves. There actually are some platforms doing very well for new acts but they’re quite few and there are quite a lot of new acts.



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