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I’m not in a hurry to release ‘Invasion 1897’ on DVD, says Lancelot

Producer of the world acclaimed epic movie, “Invasion 1897”, Lancelot Imasuen, has expressed satisfaction with the performance of the film at the international stage, declaring that he’s not in a hurry to release it on DVD. Recall that “Invasion 1897”, premiered on December 5, in the country, and subsequently across the globe.


Lancelot, who has been busy touring the world with the film, said he’s satisfied with the recognition that “Invasion 1897”has enjoyed so far at the international scene. “I feel very satisfied with the positive reaction I have has gotten so far for producing the film. “Invasion 1897 has blessed me immensely as an individual.

It has also given me global recognition beyond the shores of this country and opening doors for greater businesses,” Lancelot said, upon returning to the country last week after touring some major cities in America for the third time with the film.

According to him, the historical movie is not only breaking new grounds at the international market but also it is leading the way for the re-branding of the Nigerian movie industry.

Sharing his excitement with HVP in his office at Surulere, the celebrated director cum producer said, “I just concluded the third round of “Invasion 1897” global tour that has taken us to about 15 different cities around the world. We are also excited that the fire is catching up and the re-branding of Nollywood has come. The appraisal for the movie has been overwhelming. It’s not just a one-off showing in these cities, but they are calling for more showing of the film.”

Lancelot said due to popular demand, Invasion 1897 will be showing again in cities like Dallas, Austin and Houston. “Once the audience left the hall satisfied they are telling others and the demand is really very high. Like a businessman, I am not in a hurry to release the film on DVD.

It’s quite thrilling and bigger opportunities are opening up for collaborations especially in a city like Austin where the first Austin-Nollywood Incorporated as a company has been registered resulting from this movement with great Nigerians in diaspora supporting this project where we will see the berthing of Nollywood in major cities like the state of Texas.

We are looking forward to the Nollywood film festival that is going to be taking place there soon as a result of this fallout. It has been quite satisfying for me as a film maker because when I started the production of Invasion 1897, I told people that I was a making a film for global audience. I have seen the dream come through.”  invasion-1897)

According to him, the Benin Club of Houston is the brain behind this movement. He said, there is no better way to give relevance to the culture of your people than what the motion picture will do. So, you see the movie is getting so much excitement first among the Benins, Nigerians and Africans at large.

The global black race are identifying with the story and relating with the story. In the month of August, we are going to be showing the movie in Chicago, in a big museum. From Chicago, we will move to Boston, which is another very important city to the Benin story. From there, we will move to Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Houston and rounding it off in California as part of the Edo National Assembly ,where the members will be holding a convention.

He said, the movie is not doing badly in terms of recouping his investment on the project. On what his plans after the global tour of the movie, Lancelot said, he would not only release the movie globally on DVD, but also, he would release Video on Demand as well as Internet Rights.


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